Meet the Democrat Candidate for US Senate – Jay Williams, and his plans to raise your taxes.

The Argus Leader alluded to it tonight, and make no bones about it – Jay Williams was recruited to run for US Senate because he follows the Democrat line of raise taxes, raise taxes, and then raise them again!

If you’re in doubt, check out this video from 4 years ago where he tried to explain how “TAX is not a dirty word”

Jay Williams at Ignite Yankton from Ignite SD on Vimeo.

Watch for some of the Jay’s golden nuggets of wisdom. (otherwise known as his worst offending lines):

  • We in the U.S. are under-taxed when compared to the rest of the developed world.”
  • “Raising taxes will boost the economy.”
  • “We must all agree to be taxed, forget about fairness. We must all, rich and poor young and old, prepare to pay more taxes than we are now.
  • “Instead of looking for spending cuts, we must look for ways to increase tax revenue. Look at yourself, if you have property, ask for property taxes to be raised. If you have income, lobby for a state income tax. If you buy lots of things, go for a sales tax.”

Will Senator Thune beat his own record for the margin of victory running against this guy?

6 thoughts on “Meet the Democrat Candidate for US Senate – Jay Williams, and his plans to raise your taxes.”

    1. This comment Gov. Daugaard and Jay Williams would get along well on tax increases is unfair and misleading. On a scale of 1-10 on raising taxes, Gov. Daugaard is probably no more than a 0.5, meaning that to Gov. Daugaard, you really have to make your case for any kind of tax increase, and then its going to be a last resort. Jay, on the other hand, is a 10+, because he wants a much bigger and higher spending government. Jay is smart enough to know that growing the national debt even more is a bad idea, so much higher taxes is his only option.

      I’ve known Jay for 20+ years. He is a nice man. If you had to pick your next door neighbor, Jay would be on the short list. However, when it comes to government, he is pretty far left.

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