Mercer: Republicans choose & Democrats lose at the State Fair

Bob Mercer was at the State Fair today, and got the opportunity to watch the popularity of the Republican Party in action, which he’s describing in an article tonight in the Mitchell Daily Republic:

South Dakota Republicans launched a straw poll Friday at the State Fair. It proved an instant hit among many in the State Fair’s early crowd. “Voting” continues through 6 p.m. Monday.


Down the midway the scene was different at the South Dakota Democrats hall.

Out front the Democrats had tables but no action. A “Sunflower” poll sign lay flat on one, next to jars labeled by issue, such as health care and EB-5/GEAR UP.

There were a few people inside and plenty of empty chairs.

Republicans meanwhile gathered inside their hall and often spilled into the midway, where U.S. Sen. John Thune met voters.

Read it all here.

Apparently, the most liberal man in South Dakota was manning the Democrat booth today. But that wouldn’t have anything to do with “plenty of empty chairs,” would it? (Although, I did hear he came by the GOP booth to see what one looked like with people in it.)

If you’re heading to the fair, make sure you stop by the fair booth and meet the wealth of GOP candidates this weekend!

7 thoughts on “Mercer: Republicans choose & Democrats lose at the State Fair”

  1. I’m not sure if they are even Hard Left and maybe just far out there Living Blue in SD admins calling for the looting of Joel Olsteen’s church in Houston, further support of Antifa even after the condemnation of that group by Robert Reich, Nancy Pelosi and other Dems, the constant plug for Marijauna/Assisted Suicide and demonization of anyone who questions or speaks up against their statements that SDDP booth is going to have cobwebs around it.

    I suggested the admns do some political soul searching and change the name to Living As An Anarchist in SD,

    Living As A Marxist in SD since they advocate using violence and property damage to settle our political differences.

    Living As A Libertarian in SD since they feel it is their civil right to inject, snort or smoke their drugs.

    Not surprising my suggestions did not go over very well. lol 🙂

    I would not want to be the reasonable SDDP candidate or staff anywhere near “The Most Liberal Man in South Dakota.” Talk about one big political boat anchor.

  2. Pat, Why did you make me do it? Why did you not warn me that the hyperlink in your story would lead me to Corey’s website? If you had, I would not added to his click total. Why, oh why, Pat? 🙂

  3. Violence? That is how your fascist friends operate. In Charlottesville your fascist friend murdered a “hard left” peaceful protestor.

    1. Miranda is a Democrat. Are you generalizing all Democrats as fascists? Lumping everyone in a category is rather unenlightened for a teacher.

    2. Jason,

      I am totally against Nazis, Fascists, White Supremacy, KKK or whatever hate group that looks to attack and discriminate against others. Watch the videos of Antifa those who were masked and what they did to a peaceful Trump supporter gathering at the Minnesota State Capitol rotunda earlier this year and also what happened outside. A 70 year old woman and several 60 plus year old men were attacked by these masked thugs. At one point they ganged up on a Senior Citizen and kept hitting him when he was down. Woody Kaine being Senator Kaine’s son was one of them.

      Let me be very clear! I did not vote for Trump and will not get into it further but I believe there is a right way and a wrong way in how we work thru our political differences in our country. Antifa is NOT what a few what maybe on the left think they are. If they advocate violence and property damage does that go against what their name supposedly stands for? It is like the Brown Shirts of 1930s Germany.

      Prior to the election last year there was a DFL female legislator participating in the parade circuit near Brainerd and she had rocks thrown at her. My DFL unit chair who is a salt of the earth level headed guy mentioned he had been spit on doing the parade circuit himself. Last year at the Minneapolis Convention Center Trump supporters were attacked. We cannot have this going on! It hurts our Democratic Republic! I attended a local MNGOP unit meeting to talk about a joint effort on civility and got along with everyone great in fact they tried to recruit me but we need to work together while respecting differences!

      1. Correction: The woman who had rocks thrown at her doing the parade circuit in Greater Minnesota/Brainerd area was a DFL Minnesota State Legislative candidate and not a legislator.

  4. Clarification Woody Kaine was part of the group that caused the trouble in the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda. He was not part of the group that attacked that elderly man outside the Capitol.

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