Midway through March, and the 2018 races are already shifting again!

The fun thing about the political wind forecast for 2018 is that those same winds are shifting constantly. It was just a few weeks ago when we issued the last report, and already things have changed drastically. So, time for an update:

20 thoughts on “Midway through March, and the 2018 races are already shifting again!”

  1. Looks like a great group of candidates to choose from. Two great people for house and governor, too bad someone will lose out. Interested to see who runs for treasurer.

  2. Is Lance Russell the only one with a voting record on the issues? How much will that influence GOP voters?

  3. You didn’t update your commentary on the House race. Still says Krebs is thinking about it.

  4. Krebs is better looking and won’t be attached to the Dauguard admin. Johnson is in for a tough battle.

    1. Hey we don’t vote on looks in this state. Thune, Noem, Jackley, Barnett, Rounds, Daugaard, Jarrod Johnson and Krebs are a testament to that.

    2. You lose in the looks contest! Dusty is 120 degrees of hotness.

      Seriously. That was sarcasm to illustrate how completely stupid you sound.

  5. Where are all the qualified South Dakotans who have never served in Pierre in a Constitutional Office? I would like to see new faces – not just those running for one office or the other. We need people who have worked outside government and have been successful. Term limits should mean NO moving from one office to the other…..comments?

    1. Both of those guys are the real deal. McGowan is a Democrat correct? I believe he could win. Bachand is a class act.

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