Minnehaha Co GOP features Haugaard presenting “the factual discussion about the Julie Frye-Mueller case.”

This last Friday, the Minnehaha County GOP had a luncheon, but it doesn’t look like a lot of people signed up to swallow this narrative along with their breadsticks.

Wow. Would not expect a lot of people going to Pizza Ranch because they wanted to hear from Julie Frye-Awful’s attorney on how the Senate mistreated her.

And from the photos, I’m not wrong. But that should not come as a shock. 33 of the 35 members of the Senate didn’t believe Haugaard and Frye Mueller a month ago, either.

According to the post, they proclaimed they had “nearly 40 people there.” And if you subtract the organizational officials and spouses, you might break 30.

30 people out of 55,643 Republicans in the most populous county in South Dakota. Think of that.

Minnehaha County Republicans struggled to fill a half-room at Pizza Ranch in their first at bat with the new leadership group, as they tried to push an already rejected narrative by the attorney for a disgraced legislator. 

Not exactly a party building exercise.

23 thoughts on “Minnehaha Co GOP features Haugaard presenting “the factual discussion about the Julie Frye-Mueller case.””

  1. As a member of the central committee on top of being a member of the Minnehaha County GOP as a citizen for many years, I got zero notice about this. No email invite, reminder, text, or anything. I guess you have to be a Facebook follower in order to be informed.

    *glad I missed this one though!

  2. When you have only 14% of the Republicans in your camp, this is what you deserve. Remember, they called everyone else RINO’s.

  3. Ahhh, Steve…engaging in the politics of personal destruction. He’s a pious little man. Always seeking to spread the gospel of hatred wherever he goes.

  4. Based on my conversations with many longtime activists who have been involved in the Minnehaha County Republican Party, the new, so-called leadership of it is going to drive away everyone but the populist fringe who simply want to complain rather than promote the actual Republican platform and candidates, recruit activists, fundraise, and solve problems.

  5. We have over 315 precincts on board bringing resolutions to enforce the constitution, but to order the legislature to comply with our wishes. The church is supporting us, and we have the greater majority of the population in support of us. The people are in fact not in support of many of the changes promised by the Senate. Julie Frye-Mueller and Tom Pischke as per a recent pole do hace majority support for them in district 25 abd 30. More to come in coming weeks.

    1. there isn’t a single part of the control process you outlined above that is sanctioned or required by state laws or the constitution. it’s a bulletless coup, say it. “most of the state” is such a misstatement and it shows up so regularly as an asserted “truth” that it’s hard not to believe that just one person is behind these many “voices.” ha. prove it.

      1. Who do you think has the greatest power to adopt resolutions and initiatives of the state? The constitution gives the peoplr that greater power, where then the legislature has the ability to meet once a year to adopt laws or amend laws, the people have the over all authority. They elect county and Precinct people to meet every year in meetings to discuss affairs of the State. Each of those precinct people then petition the peoppe in each precinct to place such measures on a public ballot, the voters then vote on such resolutions and initiatives. You still believe their is no authority given to tge precinct peoppe? The people when very closely organized, can over rule anything the legislators do. This is what scares the republican party leaders, they are afraid to lose their power. Those same precincts can also work inside their counties to petition to hold Statewide Convebtion to adopt changes to the constitution. Choose their at large representatives. Refer all legislative adopted laws to a public vote. The people at any given time can vote either directly or indirectly by means of precinct committees to instruct the legislature to so what they wish them to do.

        1. You don’t know how State Government works at all, do you? Let us know when the “precinct state constitution convention” is scheduled when it is called.

          1. I sure do understand the means if how the governing process works. Most likely more than you do. I read your comments for nearly 10 years, and you seem to always demonize peoppe for a variant of views. I do know how to read the constitution bud. And the legislators are not above the peoppe. They are beneath them. The process is set up in our constitution is established so tge peoppe have the final say. It is you peoppe and your crony political executive boards attempting to steal the power from tge people. Thanks to how our constitution is written l. The people can over turn just about anything passed by tge legislature in a heart beat. The power to adopt resolutions and laws is held by the people. We give the legislature specific powers and that is it. Go ahead and attempt to adopt any law yoy want in Pierre. Thr peoppe can reverse quickly and frequently. And it’s the very peoppe elected by the people in each county and precincts who are tasked with organizing those peoppe. By holding meetings. To make it easy to conduct petition drives in each precinct. We got over 300+ precincts organized. Under 40 counties. Do you l still believe the legislature has more authority. Pat is one of these people who wants thr power to be held by a small group of executive party leaders. That is sad. Cause he sees himself part of this elite class who see themselves above the people. I am sorry ro break it to you. But the people are speaking up.

            1. Dumsumbih need a learn a spell. Somebody buy this guy an “L” and an “H” key so he can spell “people” and “the”. It’ll be just damned embarrassing if he ever uses the phrase “We Tge Peoppe…”

            2. I am so sick of the folks who like to write “We the people” – like they speak for everyone. When in reality, they are in their own echo-chamber of feel-goodness.

  6. Pat,

    I really need to thank you! I don’t even read the comics anymore, just your blog!

    Thanks, old friend!

  7. While folks like Precinct Person seem foolish and unschooled in Government, there is no doubt, they are committed. And, there is no doubt, they are voting Republican, And, they seem to be multiplying over time. And, as Precinct Person points out “the church is supporting us.” I don’t know what “church” he is talking about but I do know that Religion and Politics are a fatal combination for the Republican Party.

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