Misspelled words, out of context quote.. I bet I know who designed that.

So apparently a new billboard went up in Watertown today.

The political action committee sponsoring it is being fronted by Dusty Johnson’s 2020 primary conquest, Liz May. But I can’t help but have a inkling of where it came from.

Misspelled words.. an out of context quote.. that seems to smell like the usual suspects. I mean, It’s just not “anbody” who would cock up a couple thousand dollar billboard like that.

11 thoughts on “Misspelled words, out of context quote.. I bet I know who designed that.”

  1. The nomenclature of this piece is hyper sexualized.

    “Conquest”, “cock-up”.

    Double entente’s, maybe, or just ambiguous.

    As a resident of SD, like so many others, to whom Lee owes his service, I have found Lee’s leadership to be lacking on important things.

    Comparing me to Cancer is nothing compared to raising taxes.

    1. I’m sorry Lee hasn’t put his focus on chemtrails, 5g, stolen elections, and JFK Jr.’s return. Such a travesty.

  2. The “to raise taxes” part wasn’t part of an actual quote. Which leaves a person wondering if any of it is accurate.

    1. Is it from a floor speech? Do we know where the quote was pulled from?

  3. Is it from a floor speech? Do we know where the quote was pulled from?

    1. If you will notice the quote is “I fought harder than anybody in the House of Representatives.”

      The raising taxes part is not part of the quote.
      Punctuation is important. So is literacy.

  4. He literally voted to raise taxes and voted against cutting taxes. Pot, meet kettle….

  5. Besides the quote being literally inaccurate, there is a much bigger story here. There is only one time I know of when Lee supported a tax increase, and that was for our teachers’ pay. Our K-12 instructors were 49th nationally in pay, and Lake Area Tech could not compete with industry for instructors. I do not like paying taxes anymore that anyone else, but this was a realistic and meaningful solution to this difficult problem. I supported this then and I support it today, because I support our teacher’s, our school system, Lake Area Tech and our community — just as Lee did with this vote. This increase was critical to education system, our community and our economy. Thank you Lee for having the courage to do so many years ago.

    1. Voting to raise taxes is no different than voting against lowering taxes. Lee proved that when he had the opportunity to remove the tax on food which is something most everyone can agree on. Lee is a sad little man and this is just a response to his crappy politics.

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