New Independent entrant into District 35 State Senate Race. Brian Gentry of Rapid City.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, a new challenger has emerged in the District 35 State Senate Race for the fall.

Joining Current Republican State Senator Jessica Castleberry, and her primary opponent, sales tax scofflaw and convicted drug felon Kevin Quick, is an independent candidate for D35 State Senate, Brian Gentry.

Here’s another candidate that I couldn’t identify off the top of my head.. but then doing a simple Google search I realize that we’re tragically more familiar with him than we think.

After Serenity Dennard went missing after running away from the Children’s Home in Rockerville, her family has been pushing to implement a new missing child alert in her name.


Serenity’s adoptive parents said the endangered and missing alert was not strong enough to alert people when Serenity went missing. But the Amber Alert criteria is too stiff.

“If you didn’t get home right away and look in Rockerville, South Dakota you would have never known she was missing which is why it took up to six or seven hours for the public to even know. So what we are trying to do. The Amber Alert has a very stiff criteria which is why that number is so small. Serenity alert would go right in the middle,” Brian Gentry, Serenity’s stepfather said.

Read that here.

At least from an initial review, it appears that Brian is the stepfather of Serenity Dennard who tragically went missing in February of 2019.

Over the course of the last year, the prior district 35 State Senator, Lynne DiSanto orchestrated a circus of self-absorption around Dennard’s disappearance before  abruptly resigning in November.

One thought on “New Independent entrant into District 35 State Senate Race. Brian Gentry of Rapid City.”

  1. Thanks to Lynn DiSanto, we learned that Serenity was a child who had been separated from EVERY adult she had ever formed an attachment to. As a result, attachments were painful, and she would run away whenever she started to form one.

    So the adoptive mother and stepfather who admitted they didn’t even know she was in a group home, blame the Amber Alert criteria for her disappearance. And now the stepfather, wants to run for office and fix things.

    (Insert eye roll here)

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