9 thoughts on “New Video – Larry Rhoden: Putting Freedom First”

  1. We needed to avoid permanent harm to the economy.

    So yes… even during a deadly pandemic, we should try to keep the impact on business to a minimum. But that includes keeping employees safe and customers healthy as well. And reducing the spread of a virus that has killed a million Americans.

    Including the Sturgis Rally in this ad is hard to fathom. 500,000 folks crammed in a small town for ten days in the middle of a pandemic? With zero mitigation efforts. And Kristi Noem cheered it on.

    Nothing about that shows leadership. Nothing about it demonstrates concern for South Dakota citizens. And it showed no empathy for the vulnerable among us.

    All of the evidence that I have seen suggests that the Sturgis Rally was a superspreader event. Both years.

    I wouldn’t be bragging about these actions. It was unnecessary and unethical.

    1. You’ve been listening to too much MSM if you truly read they were superspreaders. People didn’t need to go if they didn’t want to. Choices.

      1. In Meade County (Sturgis), the cases jumped by 20 times within weeks of the 2021 rally. That’s right… 20 times higher. Of course you didn’t notice.

        Although the earlier variant in 2020 spread more slowly, the entire region blew up with cases. We went from very few cases to one of the worst spots in the world. But you wouldn’t know that either.

        And the media didn’t tell me this. The facts did. I looked them up.

        Choices. You talk about choices. Yes, you have the right to live with more risk. You also have an obligation to avoid endangering your neighbor.

  2. What gets me is how they lie, kristi own bills and executive orders say the opposite of this video

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