Noem Opens Up About Her Time In Agriculture

Noem Opens Up About Her Time In Agriculture

“The work ethic is something I’m very proud of.”

Today is American Business Women’s Day, when we commemorate and recognize the contributions of women business leaders, small business owners, and working women across America. Rep. Kristi Noem spoke about her experiences as a woman in business, managing her family’s farm and ranch operation. 

“One of the reasons I grew up to be a strong woman was because my dad never doubted that I could do anything the boys could do,” says Noem. After losing her father in a farming accident, she left college and returned home to take on new responsibilities. Watch her talk about how that experience made her the person she is today.

2 thoughts on “Noem Opens Up About Her Time In Agriculture”

  1. The people that filmed this did a poor job understanding how to interview. They have her looking off the wrong side of the camera most of the time. Good story.

  2. I just don’t think Noem will run for Governor. The reason is that she does a nice job in DC in the House. If she wanted to leave the House she would have run for US Senate against Rounds but she declined. Maybe because he was a very strong opponent. That is a big reason why I don’t think she will run for Governor. Mark Mickelson has a lot of backing among the donors across this state. Jackely has most of the base. The base might be more fickle and leave Jackley for her but not all of them and maybe not most of them. I think the fight will be among the regular voters. Who do the regular voters want? If she runs for Governor it won’t be an easy race in the primary or the general probably with Huether or SHS.

    It’s not an easy decision for her. The only thing that makes me think she will run for Governor is that she promised the people of South Dakota in 2010 that she would serve no more than ten years in Congress. Thune promised 6 years and held up his commitment by running for US Senate. I suppose she still feels strongly that our founders intended someone to go to DC for a short period of time, serve and then come home again.

    From Mitchell Daily Republic in 2010:
    If she does win, Noem vowed to serve a maximum of 10 years in Congress. She said she isn’t looking for a career in politics. Noem said she wants to follow in the footsteps of the nation’s founding fathers and serve for a time before deciding to “step back and be part of the community.”

    Kristi keeps her promises. At the very least I see her leaving Congress after ten years to uphold her commitment. That would be quite a George Washington like statement.

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