Noem Seeks Public Input for District 19 Senate Nomination

Noem Seeks Public Input for District 19 Senate Nomination

PIERRE, S.D.  Governor Kristi Noem is seeking public input for a District 19 Senate vacancy. The opening was created after current State Senator Stace Nelson announced his resignation effective December 10, 2019.

“State legislators are a critical part of our state government.  I look forward to working with the folks in District 19 to find a qualified, dedicated public servant to not only represent this district, but focus on making our state stronger for the next generation,” said Noem.

Those wishing to be considered for the appointment, or to offer nominations, should email Rachel Graves at [email protected]. Nominations should include the candidate’s name, current physical address, telephone number, and relevant background information. All nomination materials must be submitted by December 20, 2019.


7 thoughts on “Noem Seeks Public Input for District 19 Senate Nomination”

  1. She will review and then realize the best person for the job is none other than the big bull elephant himself.

    Stace will be appointed to fill the vacancy.

  2. Dakotafreepress posted on their page about a Dem replacing Nelson which has since been deleted. Anyone else see this before it was deleted? HAHA

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