Noem Urges Prompt Consideration of TPA by President, following Senate Passage

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Noem Urges Prompt Consideration of TPA by President, following Senate Passage

TPA brings greater accountability and transparency to trade negotiations, says Congresswoman

kristi noem headshot May 21 2014Washington, D.C. – Rep. Kristi Noem today urged President Obama to promptly sign a bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill following the Senate’s final passage of the legislation this afternoon.  Noem helped the U.S. House of Representatives pass this legislation on June 18.

“95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside our borders, so America limits its growth if we can’t reach them on a level playing field,” said Noem.  “When South Dakota has the opportunity to export goods to countries where the U.S. has a trade agreement, we sell approximately 11.5 times more goods than we would to a country where that relationship hasn’t been established. TPA gives our negotiators the tools necessary to reach a fair deal that can produce those kind of results.  I applaud the U.S. Senate for passing this critical bill and I strongly urge the President to move quickly in signing it.”

TPA allows Congress to help set the rules for trade negotiations and lays out congressional objectives of what a good trade deal looks like for America.  This helps ensure greater transparency throughout the negotiating process by empowering Congress to conduct vigorous oversight and hold the administration accountable.  Additionally, with TPA in place, the general public will have online access to the final version of any trade agreement 60 days before that agreement is sent to Congress.   More information on the authorities granted to Congress and the general public by TPA can be found here.


7 thoughts on “Noem Urges Prompt Consideration of TPA by President, following Senate Passage”

  1. Obama will have no problem signing the TPA as it undermines the USA’s economy, people and gives him more power. Give us a break from the spin, Kristi.

    1. Have you read TPA or are you just spewing the same misinformation as Drudge and Elizabeth Warren?

  2. It is secret. Sight unseen grant of legislative authority to Obama. And who said Boehner and McConnell were no different than Obama?

  3. Taken from Kristi Noem’s press release:

    “Myth: TPP is a secret backdoor to achieve the President’s political agenda.
    Fact: The TPA bill specifically bars the President from enacting any changes to U.S. law.
    Many have tried to claim that TPA will allow the President to bypass Congress and use the TPP as a backdoor to lawlessly expand immigration, curtail gun rights, or restrict Internet freedom, among other things. That is false. The Constitution is clear: only Congress can change U.S. law. TPA further reinforces that with additional restraints on the President.”

    If you believe this, I have a bridge….Obama has changed laws in the past even after he stated he didn’t have authority to do that. He has refused to abide by laws that he doesn’t like. He won’t be bound by anything in TPA either if he doesn’t want to. And if Congress has no authority other than to vote it up or down, no amendments, etc, how is that good?

  4. “If ObamaTrade is so good for Americans, why did Congress spend billions on a program to help those who will lose their job when it passes?” This is a twitter post by Huckabee, which contradicts the post on Noem’s press release which states, “Myth: Trade agreements destroy U.S. jobs. Fact: Expanding markets for American exports will fuel stronger economic growth and create jobs.”

    Please explain the very apparent discrepancy, and explain again why all our SD delegation voted for it.

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