Noem Waives Hours of Service Regulations to Deal with Fuel Shortage

Noem Waives Hours of Service Regulations to Deal with Fuel Shortage

PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem has signed Executive Order 2021-10 granting extended hours of service for the commercial delivery of petroleum products in South Dakota.

The order declares a state of emergency and exempts delivery of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and ethyl alcohol from federal motor carrier regulations on drivers’ hours of service. Residents and businesses in western South Dakota are faced with an unexpected shortage of supply.

“We are at the height of our tourism season, as well as a busy time for our agriculture industry. Maintaining the supply of fuel is crucial to preventing a disruption of service to two of our state’s major industries,” said Noem. “This 30-day order is meant to ensure a steady supply of fuel is available to our visitors, businesses, farmers, and ranchers in the western part of the state.’’

The governor noted that this is not just an issue within South Dakota, but a regional emergency that is being met with swift action.

Although hours of service have been temporarily suspended for commercial deliveries, companies may not require or allow fatigued drivers to make deliveries.

The executive order was signed July 17 and expires at midnight on August 16, 2021. All other road safety and vehicle compliance regulations still apply.

The executive order can be downloaded here.

4 thoughts on “Noem Waives Hours of Service Regulations to Deal with Fuel Shortage”

  1. Honest question—-what fuel shortage? I havent seen any gas stations without fuel

  2. We customarily get our propane tanks filled at a reduced price this time of year; it’s an annual expense we plan for. It seems to me we usually get a notice from the Co-op that it’s time to sign up about now, and we haven’t received one. This will be interesting.

  3. “§392.64 prohibits hauling people in locked trailers (human trafficking, anyone?).”

    Aye yay yay.

    Danger Will Robinson?

  4. It’s been a pretty busy tourism season .. not like normal, though.

    We’ve had a swell of folks that started in Spring, and the peaks seem to be more level.

    Many of the same folks that come to visit came and stayed, I reckon.

    It won’t be a bad year for tourism!

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