Opponents of Lance Russell go on hard negative attacks in radio spots, continuing long standing feuds.

In the last couple of weeks, a Political Action Committee was apparently formed and has gone on the hard attack against State Senator Lance Russell over the airwaves. The Political Action Committee “Committee for Responsible Government PAC” is helmed by Jim Sword of Hot Springs, as per the filing made on 5/22:

Sword and Russell have been at odds for some years now… And apparently the feud is probably not abating anytime soon if the following ads are any indication:

They’re not pulling any punches in these ads. And if you look at who is paying for them, it’s not surprising.  $500 was put into the committee shortly after formation by Steve Simunek of Hot Springs.

Simunek was prosecuted by Russell when he was State’s Attorney for misdemeanor charges of failure to file sales tax returns or pay sales tax in charges involving the Hot Springs Golf Course, a case that divided the community, and which also brought complaints against Russell for his handling of the matter.

Another familiar entity also kicked even more cash into this PAC:

All South Dakota PAC might be unfamiliar to some if they haven’t been around for a while. But if you are, you know it’s one of Stan Adelstein’s entities he runs campaign related cash through..

Last election Senator Phil Jensen was a target of Stan Adelstein’s attack ad efforts, and this election it appears that Lance Russell gets that privilege.

The elections don’t really seem to be getting kindler and gentler as we approach election day on Tuesday, are they?

Stay tuned. We’re almost there!

22 thoughts on “Opponents of Lance Russell go on hard negative attacks in radio spots, continuing long standing feuds.”

  1. 3 offices? I thought he was running for 5 offices at once. Did he drop out of the races for the other two and will focus on 3 now?

    1. Boy, Ravnsborg and Russell are really going at it all the time.

      Fitzgerald is not really in contention.

      A 4th candidate would make some serious inroads with the negativity going on.

      1. I just don’t see a 4th VIABLE candidate doing anything…a 4th candidate kills Fitzgerald, hurts Ravnsborg but helps Russell the most. it may also look like an establishment protection move and backfire badly….what happens if you screw Fitzgerld or Ravnsborg and they say screw it support Lance to their supporters….I don’t know if they would do that, but being slighted at the last minute gives them nothing to lose I that scenario.

        Fun discussion but just don’t see a 4th option…we had it in McGuigan and he is out.

  2. The radio ads are pretty cleverly done…a lot of mailers–hard to argue with that; running for 3 offices at once—also true, conversational also

    1. Radio ads are dumb in a convention race.

      Russell and Ravnsborg supporters don’t like each other.

      1. I don’t think this has anything to do with AG race beyond the fact that he is in that also….Lance has a State Senate election on Tuesday.

  3. In fairness, he’s only running for the third office so he can vote for himself for the second office, and to get to appoint someone to the first office when he runs for the second office. I think…

  4. Curious if Lance has all the offices he is running for on one sign or combined on his campaign literature/mailers. It could be confusing but fiscally conservative.

      1. I’m Lance Russell…please vote for me for any and all of the listed offices

        I am fighting career politicians

          1. He has been in an elected office almost his entire life since finishing his education as I understand his record…sounds like a career to me

  5. Mr. Russell may have been sanctioned by the Supreme Court, but he is one handsome devil.

  6. Lance Russell’s attacks on the former Mayor of Hot Springs were appalling and out of character for Lance. Other than that he has been a decent prosecutor. Carl Oberlitner was working full time at the part time job of Mayor and was hammered for trying to move the community forward. Lance cannot win this fall. Too many Republicans will vote for the Dem if Lance wins at convention. Jason Ravnsborg is the best choice, and will be a great AG.


  7. Effective message, lousy ads quality though. Sounds like Tom Bodett from the Motel 6 commercials with a clothespin on his nose.

  8. Anybody who is spending $5 on radio ads outside the Lance’s legislative district is wasting their money. And, anyone who wastes money so probably is of an intellect to ignore. Do not let this impact your view of Lance either way. He should get no credit or debit because he has idiots working against him.

    Plus, this appears to be wholly motivated by past personal vendetta.
    Whether they have a legitimate or illegitimate position about Lance, to do it in this manner is not good for the process.


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