Pierre residents want their Hy-Chi, petitioning at moveon.org.

I caught this in my facebook feed this morning.

Coming on the heels of the consolidation of Dakotamart and Sutley’s in the Pierre/Ft. Pierre area, nearly 1000 Pierre/Ft.Pierre residents are petitioning the HyVee corporation at Liberal Democratic web site MoveOn.org to “Let the corporate offices for Hy-Vee know there is a want for a grocery store in Pierre/Fort Pierre, SD.”

I can’t blame them for wanting their Hy-Chi (HyVee Chinese Deli counter), but corporations don’t make decisions on petitions. They look at traffic. They look at numbers, and make decisions on the basis of whether they can make a profit.  There was a chain grocery store in Pierre one point, but it didn’t make it.  And that was long before Wal-mart expanded, and increased their grocery offerings nearly ten-fold

I love my local Hy-vee. And considering what I spend there for my pile of kids, I’m sure they love me too.

But, it’s not a field of dreams. If you build it, there’s no guarantee they’ll come. But if you have the numbers, that’s a different story.

9 thoughts on “Pierre residents want their Hy-Chi, petitioning at moveon.org.”

  1. The problem is that MoveOn.org doesn’t believe in making a profit, and the last I heard is that Hy-Vee is a for-profit outfit, though with some of the deals and the Fuel Saver card I don’t know how they make money some days.

  2. OK. I thought what Howie said would be the stupidest things I saw today. I stand corrected. The liberal* morons who petitioned on a political website for a grocery store to come to town is the stupidest. In spades. In a bow.

    Does anyone want to bet that this petition isn’t being circulated throughout HyVee right now and they are laughing so hard they are contemplating a name change to Hy-pee?

    * assume they are liberals since it is moveOn.org

  3. a different chain went into pierre in the mid 90’s and stayed for about a decade. instead of making a dent in dakotamart’s business, it drew mostly from the surrounding towns instead. so there’s that.

    1. Glad I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t think of it. I finally remember – It was econofoods. And I thought they were there for only a few years.

  4. I would love love love to see Hy Vee come to Pierre! Unfortunately, most of the people signing the petition don’t realize it’s a liberal hoax….it went around a year or so ago and sadly, I signed it then and found out the hard way when I was getting a ton of liberal propaganda emails…Lesson learned. Anyway, now I’m letting my friends know on facebook that it’s not something they want to sign and I have heard Pierre will never get a Hy Vee.

  5. Don’t think you’ll see any new HyVee’s in South Dakota anytime soon… They’ve just committed to building something like 16 new stores in the Twin Cities.

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