Political affiliate of Americans for Prosperity encouraging support of several GOP Primary Candidates in South Dakota

AFP Action, a more political affiliate of Americans for Prosperity, is entering into a more active role in supporting candidates in South Dakota Primaries this election with a series of facebook ads encouraging people to support their preferred candidates.

According to their website, Americans for Prosperity Action® is committed to working with anyone to advance positive policies that: foster economic growth and allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, eliminate burdensome regulations that stifle innovation, drive down the cost of health care and improve the wellbeing of individuals, eliminate trade barriers to keep common goods affordable for more consumers, drive a permanent solution for Dreamers, build safer communities through reforms to the criminal justice system, expand opportunities for students to access the highest quality education, and get our veterans the care they deserve.

A review of Facebook notes a series of advertisements that have already been placed across the state in support of nearly a dozen candidates this election cycle:

Carl Perry (D3), Brent Hoffman (D9), Bethany Soye (D9), Chris Karr (D 11), Sue Peterson (D13), Ben Krohmer (D20), Jim Mehlhaff (D24), Mary Weinheimer (D24), Tom Brunner (D28B), Beka Zerbst (D29), and Janet Jensen (D33) are all being featured in advertising from the group as it encourages people to vote for the candidates with messages such as “Lower Taxes” and “Champion for Fiscal Responsibility.”

You can follow the group’s facebook page here.

15 thoughts on “Political affiliate of Americans for Prosperity encouraging support of several GOP Primary Candidates in South Dakota”

  1. I think the world’s upside down

    Americans for prosperity is now backing conservatives and the governor is backing the liberals

    1. Agree 100%, the legislators backed by AFP are the ones that don’t care about their constituents, they won’t call back or answer an email. They know they’ll get the money from AFP, which buys them the vote of the sheep which is usually enough to be elected again. Sad state of OUR state.

  2. Interesting that they are supporting non-incumbents. I get Soye, Karr, Peterson, etc. But some of these people are unknowns, which makes me think it is more about who they’re running against, for instance Hoffman is running against Willadsen.

  3. Looks like they declaring war on the governor!

    And Janet Jenson – really? But not her husband Phil, interestingly.

    1. I doubt that. I’m more inclined to take them at their word. That they support people who agree with them on the role of government, period. I also see a common theme. Every piece is positive. I like that.

      1. You are kidding, right? All the mailers are canned with the same bs with just changing the names and mug shots. Don’t be be lemme do some research.

  4. Why did they mail them out on back to back days? They should have spaced the cards out.

  5. Can’t believe they would back Jensen over Johnson. Dave is a successful businessman who built his company from the ground up. He has had to meet payrolls, manage people and equipment and compete in the free enterprise system. He understands what it takes to survive in a highly competitive industry. His conservative credentials are unquestionable, pro life, pro 2cd Amendment, and a legislator that serves his constituents with respect and intelligence.

    1. Perhaps Dave has a record for representing his constituents over national talking points that AFP pushes? Like I said above, alliance with AFP is the greater priority over representing constituents for these people.

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