6 thoughts on “Seriously. Get the Heavy Duty Yard Sign Stakes.”

  1. Have you seen any pictures of our front yard at the corner of Canyon and Jackson in Spearfish?

    It’s amazing .. beautiful.

    I hope the Google camera car goes by during this period.

    Our house is a veritable political ballet of signage. They have all survived the wind (so far). I hope they all survive the drunkies this Saturday and Sunday mornings. Many political signs have met their maker on this corner; drunkie death.


  2. I’m so happy I ordered those heavy-duty ones from from you. The winds we’ve had this spring have been brutal!

  3. Nothing to see. Another “brutal” or “crazy” storm. Move along. Ignore the new dynamic as we move into more extreme occurrences. Not advocating for anything but blessed (thoughts and prayers bc of what’s happened) ignorance is still ignorance.

    Ps- I lost 1 of the 3 signs on my property. All R signs lest you think I’m a lib, just worry about what’s next.

    1. You are correct, nothing to see here.

      On average about 30 tornadoes hit SD each year, but don’t let the first one cause you to scream ‘the sky is falling’, ‘we gotta do something’.

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