Well, there’s one endorsement. Patriot Ripple group founder backing Natvig for AG

Looks like Dave Roetman, one of the founders of the Patriot Ripple Group in Sioux Falls is backing Dave Natvig for AG.

No word yet on other public supporters.

It’s interesting, as Roetman was said to be behind current Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg’s continued efforts at re-election, despite the impeachment investigation which culminated in the matter being referred to the State Senate.

Roetman has also been rumored to be behind other campaigns, including talk that he’s behind Secretary of State candidate Monae Johnson’s effort, as well as being behind some of the other challenger campaigns in Sioux Falls.

Such as Bobbi Andera’s Sioux Falls City Council effort which garnered her nearly 11% of the vote.

Stay tuned.

23 thoughts on “Well, there’s one endorsement. Patriot Ripple group founder backing Natvig for AG”

  1. After watching his video and considering his credentials, pending his answer to my question (sent via FaceBook Msgr), I think he’s in the lead because he isn’t carrying any baggage.


    John Dale

    1. Because this is just the beginning, more and more endorsements will pour in because no one wants Marty back. I wonder how long before we start seeing Sheriffs and state attornies pealing off their support for Marty.

      1. If you think Natvig will start getting a bunch of endorsements and win this race, you are as delusional as he is. He will be a footnote in history. People will strain to come up with his name when asked about the convention of 2022 when asked who the guy was that ran in place of Ravnsborg, after he was impeached.

        My guess is that you are either related to or employed by Natvig. Or alternatively, you’re one of the delusionals that also think Haugaard and Taffy are going to win.

        1. Whoever posted that is no employee of Ravnsborg or Natvig. There is less then a 5% support rate for Natvig within the AGs office, if that. His integrity and motives have been in question from day 1. My guess it was Natvig himself who posted.

  2. How many campaigns have Dave Roetman and Matthew Samp teamed up on? Looks like they are involved in a lot of races behind the scenes.

  3. I thought endorsements were best from people that are liked or trusted. Does anyone care for his endorsement? Asking for a friend

    1. Wasnt he voted out of Minnehaha GOP because he ran up huge debt and left others holding the bag for tens of thousands of dollars in un paid bills?

  4. Multiple candidates in the race for Attorney General help Jason Ravsnvorg win the nomination. It increases the likelihood of splitting the delegates, whereas it restricts candidates from obtaining more than 50%. It then comes down to delegates who support the more conservative candidate and the best person who best represents South Dakota ideals. That based on his track record, is Jason Ravsnborg. The delegates whom are nominated by the people, let alone well in tune with the legislature, in a fight to preserve ans honor the constitution, are being split among 3 or more candidates. The goal may be to restrict Marty Jackie’s ability to recieve the most delegates, which in turn helps the current Attorney General. This is why I believe, regardless if race, whether for governor, legislators, U.S Senate, U.S House, or even President, there should ve mire than 5 choices on that ballot. It all dilutes the # of delegates a candidate can obtain. Think back to prior the 12 amendment, the person who simply gor the most delegates became president, the runner up became vice president. If no one recieved 50% plus 1 of the delegates, then the legislators got to submit a vote on behalf of the legislature. Thus submitting an alternate choice. And if Jason Ravsnborg had rhe support of the S.D Senate, then the legislature gets its to vote for their choice. The strategy may very well be to dilute the delegates to the point, it helps Jason Ravsnborg who had been a very good republican, most importantly, a true constitutional A.G.
    – Mike Zitterich

    1. Delusional, like many others trolling against Jackley right now. Natvig and Ravnsborg are swimming in the same pond are unlikely to run against each other.

      1. Delusional is thinking people are just against Jackley because they are for Natvig….I can’t stand Jackley…I don’t care who is running against him.

        I think he cost us all $1.5M for retaliating against one of his own employees and he has NEVER explained his involvement or reasons. A jury found in her favor, so that tells me they believed the case had merit. Jackley was in charge and then delayed the payment also.

        1. He also was never listed on the lawsuit so please tell me again about his involvement?

    2. I don’t think you fully understand the rules of the game, Mike. At convention, a candidate is required to get 50% + 1 of the votes. If they don’t, they have a runoff. That’s what happened in ’18 when Ravnsborg got elected: in the first round of voting included Ravnsborg, Lance Russell, and John Fitzgerald, nobody got 50%. So, in the second round of voting, the top two vote-getters (Ravnsborg and Russell) went head-to-head. Legislators are not automatically delegates at convention — only those serving as precinctpeople, MAL, or party officer get to vote at convention.

      Won’t be an issue, though…. Natvig is a strawman: he’ll only run if Ravnsborg is removed from office during the Senate trial. The convention format allows candidates to add/drop until it’s close to the time to vote. If Ravnsborg makes it through the trial, Ravnsborg will run and Natvig will through his support behind his boss.

      1. Did I not say they need 50% plus 1?

        Granted whether or not the legislature votes, the election proceeds to the second election the runoff. I know exactly how it works, No disrespect.

    3. This, and your screed on child support “tax”place you squarely in the Billy Bass category of usefulness.

  5. “Somewhere, OVER the RAINBOW….. there is a place that will elect either Ravnsborg or Natvig.”

    But they are gonna need ruby slippers and a hot air balloon.

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