Release: Governor Noem Response to False Media

Governor Noem Response to False Media

Pierre, SD – “The media is lying again when they say I am working to “purge” the legislature of certain members. I am working everyday to earn re-election by the people of South Dakota.

Spencer Gosch and several other legislators voted against good conservative policies this session simply because of their hatred for me. They continue to defend the Attorney General who killed a man, lied during the investigation and discredited law enforcement to protect himself. The voters will hold them accountable for their votes and actions.”

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  1. Governor, just DO YOUR JOB! No one “hates” you. However, many of us are disappointed in you for your taking credit for not “Closing down the state” when in actuality, the House rejected your request to the Secretary of HHS to take the lead on that issue. She was not elected by the voters so she had no authority do so. Even the fellow who introduced the bill on your behalf voted against you! Fortunately we had enough members of the House who understand our Constitutions and joined in the rightful rejection of that bill. You might have retained credibility had you rightfully corrected those who state that YOU didn’t shut down the state, but gave credit where credit is due and that is with the representatives of the taxpayers.
    You let a lot of people down when you caved to the NCAA and vetoed HB 1217 last year. Yes, you signed SB 46 this year, but then it’s also an ELECTION YEAR so this appears to be more political than anything else. Personally, I don’t want men competing against my two granddaughters and I supported HB 1217 and SB 46.
    What I feel that many of us, especially those of us who served in the military are highly concerned with, is with your constant interjection in the Ravnsborg case…something we call Undue Command Influence and even your staunchest supporters with military backgrounds should have been included among those concerned.
    There are three branches of government; yours, the legislators and the courts and each of you should stay within your own lines unless invited to cross into the others’ jurisdictions.

      1. I am a veteran and many people I know, this was spot on for us. We are disappointed with noem.

        1. No I don’t, you don’t think US veterans talk and stick together. Go back to Noem team and stop peddling your lies.

      2. By “Us” you must mean those who support people like SecDef Austin, GEN Milley and the other JCS/Pentagon politicians in uniform who care more about their careers than the men and women whom they are expected to lead. Any service member worth his or her salt would not want to have Undue Command Influence involved if they were in a trial involving themselves or a buddy who was being used as a political pawn and unfortunately, there have been a few. BTW, I am not a Ravnsborg supporter.

  2. If you’re working to get their opponents elected, is that not in essence trying to purge the incumbents?

    1. How many of those she is purging are supporting her for reelection and how many support her opponents attempt to purge her?

      1. Dunno but if it’s even one then the media isn’t lying. Just another chance to play victim.

      2. She says she is not trying to purge the legislature of people opposed to her yet she works to help their opponents. If that is the case, then she is indeed trying to purge the legislature. She is free to do what she wants and supports who she wants, but she really should not play victim when she is not a victim. I support most of the things she does, but there are times. BTW, I believe she should not be sticking her nose in the Ravensborg situation either. I cannot help but wonder whether he did not support her in something and is now getting even.

  3. Not the first time that Mr. Sneve fellow issued very poorly written “new”, or even downright fake “news.”

    It really doesn’t matter, those fellows should be purged from the legislatures on any account.

  4. Well the national articles hit her in the one place she doesn’t like it. Her national image.

  5. “They continue to defend the Attorney General who killed a man, lied during the investigation and discredited law enforcement to protect himself. The voters will hold them accountable for their votes and actions.”

    Time for the Jackley endorsements from all of these legislators. They can back one winner.

  6. To put this response in context, The Blaze had a stinging article with a list of the Governors conservative targets.

    1. “Fred Deutsch of Watertown was placed into a new district because he was viewed as more repugnant to the GOP establishment than Joe Biden and the Democrats.”

      Lol! Amen to that. This whole fight is hilarious to me. One party State and still can’t get along.

  7. She never addressed how it was inaccurate.

    Senator schoenbeck himself said Noem and him teamed up to get rid of select members he called whack a doodles.

    How specifically was the allegation false?

  8. Did she just deny trying to remove people and then follow with her justification for trying to remove people? This governor is a moron. She needs to go back to “playing” rancher.

    1. Excellent point

      Kristi must think we are stupid and that the rules do not apply to her—that is why she has the airplane and daughter appraiser scandals

      1. She flat out lied about the Marijuana lawsuit. Uh…I don’t know where that came from….to…..I supported them and told them to do it. She is such a worthless pile.

  9. Why did this come out today, after national conservative media took up the issue, rather than after Sneve posted the story 6 days ago?

    1. all she cares about is her national image—well her endorsed candidate lost in Ohio Senate and Nebraska Governor also

  10. Some of us have seen the adversarial relationship between her and the legislature and can see both sides have merit and fault.

  11. In the first paragraph, she denies the “purge”. In the second, she engages in the “purge”.

    I am OK with her purge of the wack-a-doodles. I just think she should own it.

  12. Noem is such a liar. Lee schoenbeck even said she was helping in his campaign to remove the whack a doodles. Why does she think we are so stupid?

  13. Restore checks and balances!

    SD Democrats are no California Democrats, it is okay to have checks and balances, it would stop this corruption chain that has been going on for the last 20 years.

      1. Jamie Smith most likely won’t get 40% of the vote. Democrats in South Dakota have nothing to vote for b/c of an inept party and their inability to recruit candidates that are electable. Their turnout come November will be VERY low.

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