Pot petition drive kicks off. Pot Petition drive coordinator complains about lack of motivation.

A story on the petition to legalize the use of pot in South Dakota was filed by the Associated Press yesterday. And it ironically seems to coincide with some interesting comments on facebook by Ryan Gaddy, the coordinator of the pot petition campaign.

From the Associated Press:

Ryan Gaddy, the administrator of the pro-pot group, said he thinks the measure has a real shot at getting on the ballot — and passing — especially considering the estimated fiscal impact.

Gaddy and the group argue that law enforcement resources should be spent elsewhere, particularly on violent offenders.”(Sioux Falls) is just exploding with crime, and the police really should redirect their focus on the people who need to be put in cages, not nonviolent offenders for plants,” Gaddy said.


“I think all that does is it turns it into an alcohol-like, easily available drug, and we’ve got plenty of evidence that it has some addictive qualities, that it’s injurious to intellectual development, to initiative,” said Gov. Dennis Daugaard. “I just don’t see it as being good for us, and I don’t see any need to make it even more available and less difficult to have.”

Read it here.

The Governor notes that pot is “injurious to intellectual development, to initiative…”  Ironically, there were these comments from Gaddy on facebook:

Pot petitioners unmotivated

Is it me, or is he complaining about the petition circulators being unmotivated?

Or lacking initiative?

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

6 thoughts on “Pot petition drive kicks off. Pot Petition drive coordinator complains about lack of motivation.”

  1. No motivation, smoke more pot, no motivation, smoke more pot, it is a vicious cycle some liberals get sucked into.

  2. “Just because a law changes doesn’t mean more people use,” Ryan Gaddy

    Who is he kidding in his pot smoke filled haze?

    #1 Lets see if they can get enough signatures on their petition. Interrupting video gaming, getting off the couch and out of mom’s basement is gonna be tough and then there’s the munchies. Heck! I lost those darn car keys again! Aww! This is too much stress! I’ll smoke another bowl to chill. I’ll just watch my mom’s tv upstairs for a while and sleep.

    #2 Lets see what the error rate is on those petitions. Last time there was a marijuana initiative wasn’t there a 42% error rate which was the highest in ever in South Dakota? Gosh! I wonder why? lol

  3. “Well, no help today setting up at fair. . . Thanks guys. . .” 14 hours ago posted by Ryan Gaddy’s Facebook page in regards to setting up the pro pot SDAP booth at the Sioux Empire Fair.

    What does he expect from potheads? lol

  4. following the lesson of the little red hen who grew the grain, ground the flour, mixed the batter and baked the bread with nobody’s help, IF the initiative passes ryan will get to smoke all the pot himself. kewl.

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