Rapid City Mayoral contest will be an open seat in 2023

Mayor Steve Allender just made things interesting for next years’ Rapid City Mayoral Contest, as he has announced he will not be a candidate for the office in 2023:

After serving two terms as mayor of South Dakota’s second largest city, Steve Allender confirmed to KOTA Territory News that he does not plan to seek re-election in 2023.

“One of my favorite questions people ask me is whether or not we have term limits in Rapid City,” Allender said in an interview. “And I tell them, no, we don’t need them. There is a natural length to things, and people become resistant to the same old faces and the same old ideas.”

Read the entire story here.

It’s almost as good a position as the Sioux Falls Mayor if one wanted to raise their profile for future office, as it spans 5 legislative districts in the State’s only other media market of any size.

This could shape up to be a big one.

11 thoughts on “Rapid City Mayoral contest will be an open seat in 2023”

  1. Steve Allender has been a great level headed mayor for Rapid City. I hope he runs for higher office. Too bad he did not run for Governor and primary Kristi Noem.

    1. That’s hilarious. Allender would have been smoked worse than Haugaard. He is lukewarm water, voters would have immediately spit him from their mouths.

  2. Allender for Governor. Would be interesting to see where law enforcement lines up behind which candidate. He also brings West River credibility, a general likeability, and he has a successful two terms.

    ALL in for Allender.

      1. Ten Haken, Allender, Johnson, Jackley, Rhoden, random ultra-conservative. Might need a runoff.

        1. I really hope Rhoden signs the ticket. We don’t need politicians running the state, we need respectable, honest men and women with a bit of grit. The rest of this list is a bit soft for my taste. Rhoden is an oak.

          1. Well, he’s been in office longer than any of the others, including a Senate run. He’s first class, but, don’t try to say he’s not a politician.

  3. Allender seems to represent a more compassionate / pragmatic conservatism. Working in local government will have that effect on a person. I would like to see him run for Gov..

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