Release – NEW AD: I Admire Kristi’s Work Ethic Most, Says Bryon Noem

NEW AD: I Admire Kristi’s Work Ethic Most, Says Bryon Noem

WATERTOWN, S.D. – Kristi Noem today released a new TV ad featuring her husband, Bryon Noem.

“The thing about Kristi I admire the most is her work ethic,” said Bryon Noem. “It doesn’t matter what she’s doing; if she’s fixing fence, saddling a horse, or working in Congress, nobody will outwork her. She doesn’t quit until she’s done, and that’s the way she’s always been.”

Bryon and Kristi just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. The have three children – Kassidy, Kennedy, and Booker – and live in rural Hamlin County.

15 thoughts on “Release – NEW AD: I Admire Kristi’s Work Ethic Most, Says Bryon Noem”

  1. Kristi’s the hardest worker. Dusty’s the hardest worker.
    They’re all the hardest worker.

    1. I agree…I admire many things about Kristi Noem but touting her work ethic is not one of them.

      Here are my observations of who the hardest workers are in the contested races– I put a space for a reason…as there is a big drop off in categories I think.

      Marty seems to be everywhere in this race and Noem seems to be running a TV based campaign and doing the normal Lincoln Day Dinner….Marty is doing events constantly it seems.




  2. Her kids want her to be Governor!
    Her husband wants her to be Governor!
    The DC establishment wants her to be Governor!

    Vote for Kristi!!!

  3. Marty’s trolls need to spend less time in the War College echo chamber and more time worrying about his debate performance last night.

  4. When it comes to figuring out ways to get taxpayer money, nobody works harder than Kristi Noem. She has figured out how to maximize her family’s farm subsidies, and hand out crop insurance subsidies for her husband to rake in as an insurance agent – all while drawing a $175,000/year taxpayer-paid salary, with an expense account to boot. She is a champion at milking the government teat. Let’s all give her a new government job so she can put her kids on the dole with $100,000+ salaries each.

  5. Nobody works harder than Kristi? BS! I voted absentee today; while Marty Jackley isn’t the best candidate, he’s the lesser of two evils. IMO.

    1. I was going to vote for Stace but when I saw he wasn’t on the ballot I voted for Jackley.

      1. You were going to vote for a fake conservative and then you chose Jackley not exactly helpful to Jackley

  6. I guess it’s probably hard to admire her character when she is trying to character assassinate her opponent.

  7. No dog in this fight but this is a very solid political ad that will help her with both male and female voters. Best ad of the cycle in my opinion.

  8. Is ‘work ethic’ really what you want husband to admire most in you? Maybe in an employee or hired contractor, but not a spouse. I think this ad isn’t true, but if it is they must have marriage problems.

    No dog in this race. Not a big supporter of either, just observing.

    1. You make a good point. This is and odd commercial that doesn’t quite ring true. I hope my spouse admires me for my character and my sense of values.

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