Release: Noem Presses US Trade Rep on Ag Uncertainty

Noem Presses US Trade Rep on Ag Uncertainty

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During a Ways & Means Committee hearing with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer this week, Rep. Kristi Noem raised concerns about the sunset provisions being debated in the NAFTA renegotiations. If implemented, these provisions would require each country to renew its commitment to the deal every five years, potentially creating high-levels of uncertainty for South Dakota agriculture. Noem noted that 73 percent of commodities grown in South Dakota are exported to either Mexico or Canada, and that trade deals, meant to foster trust, are unreliable when saddled with arbitrary expiration dates.

21 thoughts on “Release: Noem Presses US Trade Rep on Ag Uncertainty”

  1. Another DC word: “presses”

    It means nothing really changed.

    Jackley would have used the word delivers or accomplishes.

    1. She’s incredibly well scripted. (She has a good PR person writing her statements for her.)

  2. What, no press release on Noem’s highly unpopular bill to force out-of-state companies to collect sales tax on behalf of states in which they have no physical presence?

  3. i heard the longer comment from lighthizer. he was derisive and dismissive. i thought she handled the exchange well enough. no answer for you missy.

  4. Why does her name plate say “Ms. Noem”? Shouldn’t it be Mrs. Noem? She is married, isn’t she?

    1. Ms. is ratherly commonly used in DC hearings rather than Mrs. because it’s acceptable in both instances if you’re married or not.

  5. Hilarious. If we got a press release every time Noem spoke up in D.C., we’d get a total of 3 press releases.

  6. Noem is worthless. I want to hear her thoughts on this crappy budget. I want to see her do something about the wall. And I don’t ever want to hear her about her father’s death again; pity got her all the votes it was going to back in 2010.

  7. NOEM voted FOR the omnibus spending bill. Remember that when you cast your ballot for Governor.

    1. Noem voted FOR the procedural measure that brought the bill to the floor. Realizing that if the bill made it to the floor, 25 conservative Republicans voted against the measure in an effort to stop the bill. Noem did not join those conservatives. She voted for the procedural measure in order to make sure the bill made it to a full vote. Then, once she knew the bill itself would pass, she voted against it to make herself look conservative. Noem thinks South Dakotans are too stupid to notice her little shell game.

      1. Practically every Republican votes for the procedural resolution establishing parameters for debate, which occurs before the vote on the measure itself.

        Why do you think South Dakotans are too stupid to understand simple procedure?

        You like simplifying stuff? Let’s try simplifying a few other things- Marty ignored a sexual harassment allegation and cost the state $2 million. Marty is somehow embroiled in a massive scandal that ultimately caused someone to murder their entire family. Marty has presided over a time of huge increases of drugs and violent crimes.

        There -simplified some stuff for you. The only difference between mine and yours is that mine are true!

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