Release: Pro-Life Leaders Fact Check Defamatory Noem Mailer

Pro-Life Leaders Fact Check Defamatory Noem Mailer

SIOUX FALLS, SD: Two prominent pro-life leaders are speaking up after Congresswoman Kristi Noem sent a desperate mailer that attempts to discredit Attorney General Marty Jackley’s proven pro-life record.

“Marty Jackley has litigated the most successful pro-life lawsuits ever litigated by any state in the history of our country,” said Dr. Patti Giebink. “As a result of the two lawsuits litigated by Marty Jackley, including the one that is on-going, South Dakota has established important pro-life precedent that has gained national attention.”

“The misleading statement made by the Noem campaign that the Attorney General did not pursue the 72 wait period is false. The 72 hour wait period – the strictest in the nation – has been in effect for a number of years. It is enforced precisely because of the case that the Attorney General is litigating. Because of that litigation, 15% of the pregnant mothers who go to Planned Parenthood for an initial session do not return for an abortion—in contrast to the past when women were herded through the clinic before they could change their minds.

“As to the claims that Attorney General Jackley has not enforced the law against Planned Parenthood’s failure to properly disclose that ‘an abortion terminates the life of a whole, separate,unique, living human being,’ it was Attorney General Marty Jackley who successfully completed the landmark litigation that upheld that precise South Dakota statutory requirement as constitutional. As to the current legal action taken by Attorney General Jackley because of Planned Parenthood’s failure to comply with the court order, it is an issue being litigated in the current lawsuit against Planned Parenthood. The experts of the state and intervenors have addressed it at great length. There is no need for a second lawsuit which is both undesirable and counterproductive.

“I supported Kriti Noem for Congress, but her campaign’s false and misleading statements about Attorney General Marty Jackley’s superb pro-life record is beneath her and must be corrected,” Giebink said.

Alpha Center leader and long-time pro-life champion Leslee Unruh also rebuked Noem’s attack on Jackley’s record on protecting life.

“We at Alpha Center, and our attorneys, working side by side with the Attorney General’s office have had the privilege to witness Attorney General Marty Jackley’s commitment and devotion to the pro-life cause. South Dakota has passed some of the strictest laws protecting the children of our state and protecting the pregnant mothers against uninformed and involuntary abortion, when pregnant mothers prefer to keep their children,” Unruh said.

“As a result, South Dakota has established important precedent in this area of the law which has gained national notice. Attorney General Jackley has continued to litigate and succeed in these complex issues in current litigation. We at Alpha Center, who have dedicated our lives to protecting the children and the true rights of their mothers, know that Attorney General Jackley is as fervently committed to those issues to the complete extent any public servant can be.

“As one who has devoted her life to protecting children and pregnant mothers against abortion and the unwelcomed pressure of others upon these mothers, I am most impressed with Attorney General Jackley’s devotion to pro-life issues, and his unique competence in those matters,” Unruh said.

41 thoughts on “Release: Pro-Life Leaders Fact Check Defamatory Noem Mailer”

  1. Justin B’s hard charging Kentucky election tactics could cost her this race.

    1. At the very least, it has cost her the respect and support of a lot of conservative warriors across the state

      1. She’s desperate and slimy. How bad does she want to be governor?

        Bad enough to sell her soul and self respect.

        1. Wow. Read what you just wrote. Are you serious? You’re calling a fellow Republican such horrendous names because you like your candidate better? Man. This is the kind of thing this election has brought out in people. So sad.

  2. It’s about time Kristi got called out for her blatant lies and defamatory ways! If she can’t win this election on her own merits, she has no business being our governor. I used to support her, but NO MORE!!! DONE! DONE! DONE!!!

  3. Yeah this compares to EB5 , gear up a 1.5 M settlement the state taxpayers have to pay, bosworth, Flandreau marijuana case…..give me a break

  4. 12:46.
    What a horrible sentiment.

    I’m voting for Kristi. Kristi was entirely restrained in the dirt that could have been thrown in this campaign. Marty should thank her for going easy on him. Sutton will pull it all out of the swamp if Marty wins. And there will be Republicans for Sutton who will emerge because Marty is more of the same in Pierre. But that won’t happy because I think Krist has the edge. Whoever is posting on here that Sutton loses lots of campaign leverage against Kristi that he would have over Marty is right. The Sutton campaign is no doubt praying for a Jackley win in this primary.

    Keeping the seat Republican in the fall is a done deal if Noem is elected tomorrow.

    I struggle to believe the prolife credientials of anyone who spends their days legally scheming how to kill a human being of any sort. A consistent sanctify of life means stage of development, degrees of deformity, disability or dependancy, or level of depravity have no bearing on the issue of the sanctity of human life, at all, ever. I don’t see Kristi ‘flipping the switch’ but I could be wrong. Either way, I know there are lots of prolife Catholics in the state who understand the consistent sanctity of life ethics. If they are presently leaning toward Marty they should rethink that before tomorrow or the next execution is on them too. We don’t want a government big enough to kill us, if we are pro-life.

    Also there is no contest when it comes to Kristi’s concern for the plight of natives in our state; it is a life issue. It’s not okay our native neighbors bury so many of their kids. I haven’t found Marty warm to any of those types of humanitarian prolife concerns. Kristi cares.

    1. Sir, please don’t pretend to speak on behalf of the prolife Catholics of our state. We reserve that right for our Bishops. Thank you.

      1. I think it’s counterproductive to equate the execution of a convicted murderer with the execution of an innocent child in the womb, and I’ll acknowledge that this was the best press release of Jackley’s campaign.

        But think about how much Dan and Laura Kaiser have suffered at the hands of the good-ol’-boys network in South Dakota law enforcement.

      2. I think it’s counterproductive to equate the execution of a convicted murderer with execution of an innocent child in the womb, and I’ll concede that this was the best press release of the Jackley campaign.

        But think about how much Dan and Laura Kaiser have suffered at the hands of the good-ol’-boys network in South Dakota law enforcement.

    2. Back from Scotland, Rev. Hickey? If you’re not, it’s too late to vote if you haven’t already.

    3. I too believe in the “sanctity of life”. However I also believe there are times when the death penalty is warranted. When there is a heinous crime it is warranted. Can anybody be sorry to see Donald Moeller executed? If you recall what he did to that young girl, I challenge you to tell me the death penalty was not warranted.

    4. She’s revolting.

      If she attacked Jackley on crime I’d say ok fine jackley is going after her failure in Congress. Fair game.

      She is saying he retaliates against sexual harassment victims, is corrupt because hes prosecuting eb5 and gear up. She is going after his character. Oh and shes also saying he’s not pro life.

      I have no respect for her.

    5. Steve, Kristi couldn’t be bothered to attend the tribal affairs committee that she was a member of during her stint in Congress. Her record in tribal affairs indicates her attitude (complete apathy) to the struggle our tribes face far more than any cheap “take a chance on me” rhetoric could. She had her chance, and she chose not to show up. Of course, you know all this already.

  5. Let’s see the flyer. This is a whole lot of noise that 14 people will hear in the last two days of the election.

  6. Aberdeen news tweets that Jackley ‘is determined to stay positive’. I wonder if they asked him about the ads he has up and mailers he’s sent out? I don’t know how he can claim to be running a positive campaign when he has attack ads out as well.

    1. Staying positive is, no prison time for a half million dollar theft of our states money by Joop and dropping 3 of 4 charges brought by Marty’s DCI?
      Staying positive is, after S.D. DSS allows those little natives in the Aberdeen household of Richard Mette to be continuously raped over a ten year period of time dropping 34 charges brought by Marty’s DCI against the pair and forcing those children to continue living under Wendy Mette thereby losing any legal rights they may have?
      Staying positive on gear up? Staying positive on Dickie Benda?
      There is one reason the Midnight Cowboy wanted to stay clean in this campaign, his cap gun is shooting blanks!

    2. Jackley at least is talking about the issues. Kristi is smearing his character and lying.

  7. Noem made this a 2002 redoux, except it’ll be Sutton waiting in the wings.

    As a non campaign worker, simple dirt farmer and dedicated GOP voter this has gotten ridiculous.

  8. Steve Hickey – I don’t think “pro-life Catholics” need any advice from you, a guy who spurns the pro-life leaders in the state to defend the trashiest, most negative, packed-with-lies campaign the state has ever seen, which is coming from Kristi Noem. Really, seems like a pastor would be embarrassed to be associated with that, and here you are, endorsing it. Sad that you think it’s fine for children to listen to ads that talk about sex and horny pregnant women, and find nothing wrong with a flier so filled with lies it could take down all the progress the state has made with pro-life legislation. You seriously need to connect some dots.

  9. Steve –
    given the number of anti-Catholic comments you have made in the past, I’m a little surprised that you want to provide leadership to people of our faith on this race. You shouldn’t be to surprised by the lack of interest in receiving it from you. Lee

    1. Are you going to ask Steve where he gets his white sheets and cute hoods dry cleaned, Lee? Or are you mellowing with age?

      You normally don’t criticize other people’s religions. You just attack people personally.

  10. Lee. I think I’ve poked about every group in the state at some time or another, and yes definitely the Catholic Church. Bit i also did two self-funded 12 city pastor tours in 06 and 08 chiding the silent a-political Protestants and I was a bit envious of Catholic involvement and vocal stances on LIFE issues.

    In a close race like this the LIFE issue could be decided by Catholics with consistent conviction. I’m hoping some consider my words.

  11. Yes she is pro-death penalty.

    While I have a similar reaction to Steve’s issue with Marty’s active and direct efforts to kill someone, Steve is deluding himself on this issue if he thinks Kristi is any more likely than Marty to issue a pardon as Governor. If he is for Kristi, I’m sure he has reasons that make sense to him. However, to project what a non-Catholic thinks is a good reason for Catholics is goofy and I’m a strong anti-death penalty Catholic. Hint: Equating something that an intrinsic or inherent evil to something which is not (words that have definite meaning) convinces no Catholic ever (or at least shouldn’t).

    On a related note, I’m always surprised how Steve is willing to express what a Catholic should believe as a Catholic when he isn’t one and has never given an indication he has the slightest modicum of knowledge on how Doctrine, Dogma, Teaching Authority, and Prudential Judgement works on issues like this for lay Catholics. After telling him many times he is not my Bishop, I’ve learned to react to his “encyclicals” the same way my mechanic does when I tell him how to fix my car- smile and move on.

  12. Yes I guess I don’t fully understand the ethical, dogmatic and authority gymnastics it takes to wiggle out from under absolute truth of the sanctity of human life.

  13. Correction, I do understand the gymnastics, I just don’t agree with them. I know well what the Church has taught since day one about violence, killing, and human life. In 6 weeks I’ll have another piece of paper saying just that.

  14. WTF?!!? Just saw this on FB. Now Steve Hickey has the “secret powers” to determine the depth of one’s faith. He apparently has left SD for outer space.

    Steve Hickey: Kristi isn’t a campaign Christian. Like the Rhoden’s her faith was deep long before Pierre or DC. Dale made Marty into a Campaign Christian in the last 18 months or so. I’ve thought this a number of times but decided to voice it. I believe it to be true.

  15. Steve,

    The difference between one willfully ignorant and willfully bigoted is a distinction without a difference. You are not Catholic, your very words proves you haven’t a clue and your obstinate willfulness to stay in this state belies a hubris not very becoming.

    And, thinking you have the capacity to discern a person’s interior life enough to characterize Marty as a “campaign Christian” and Kristi is not is certifiable as well as Presumptuous (presuming a power reserved exclusively to God).

    That is a darn serious charge to make against Dale too. Not a good thing you thought it a number of times and are unable to get that crazy stuff out of your head.

    1. Jackley a Christian? Does a Christian operate the way he did with the Mette children? If that’s the Catholic way you are in a different world than the Catholics I know, Troy. If destroying 7 children, their only advocate and the young assistant states attorney is somehow a prolife Christian action, good luck in your heaven down the road.

  16. Jackley should not have falsely accused Noem of voting to fund Planned Parenthood. If Glodt and Jackley had not gone there, Noem likely would not have responded with this.

  17. Oh brother!! And if you were smarter, we wouldn’t have to connect the dots for you yet again, showing how Noem did in fact vote to fund Planned Parenthood. Noem responded with this b/c she is a liar. Just like she is also lying about Marty’s role in the Kaiser issue. Her lies and despicable ways will come back to bite her.

  18. I don’t see this is as a Noem v Jackley issue, this is about what to do about Planned Parenthood.

    If PP is actually violating the law, why has the response been a civil action????
    There have also been allegations of Medicaid fraud.

    PP is probably making money every time they get sued, they can take in donations off the publicity, telling their donors how they need more money to defend themselves with. And the money just keeps rolling in.

    Why aren’t the staff members there facing criminal charges? If the doctors, midwives and nurses who work there are Threatened with criminal charges and loss of their professional licenses, they will be out of there faster than a hail of bullets. And nobody will show up to replace them.

    I personally think Jackley has failed on this. He has been in a position to prosecute the lawbreakers but he hasn’t done it, choosing instead to file lawsuits against the management. Why?

  19. Sorry to all for my comment. Should have listened to myself when I thought it probably shouldn’t be shared. It comes from my history of appealing to Marty’s faith and Christian sensibilities and I found him to be no mercy Marty. And so I’m bothered at that he suddenly tweets Bible verses regularly. Makes me think Dale is getting paid to win those who care about that sort of thing. It seems as genuine to me as Daschle’s hunting photo op. Marty knows why I’m sour toward him.

    1. I do t care about the religious issues at all. If people are breaking the law at Planned Parenthood they need to be arrested and criminally charged.
      Bringing lawsuits against them is not a strategy; to them it’s just an operational expense. It doesn’t do anything.for every million dollars in legal expenses they probably take in ten million in donations.

      You know if they were smoking pot in that building they would not be served with a lawsuit. They’d be dragged out in handcuffs. It escapes me why anybody thinks lawsuits are going to stop this

  20. I find nothing wrong with your comment, Steve. Marty has a truckload of baggage and plead for a clean campaign long ago because of it.

    Dale is in it to win it. The money that is.

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