Release: SD Communities are Embracing Gov. Noem’s “Freedom Works Here”

SD Communities are Embracing Gov. Noem’s “Freedom Works Here”

PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem’s “Freedom Works Here” nationwide workforce recruitment campaign is creating a lasting impact. The city of Mitchell is embracing the values of the campaign by offering folks $1,000 to help with relocating to the community. Geri Beck, the head of the Mitchell Area Development Corporation, highlighted this effort at the groundbreaking of a new soybean processing plant near Mitchell earlier this week.

“I am excited to see the Mitchell community join us in encouraging folks to move to South Dakota,” said Governor Noem. “We are building a winning workforce and ensuring that our state’s economy will continue to thrive for generations to come. I hope more communities across South Dakota will get involved in telling our story and welcoming families to our great state.”

Bob Douglas is a seasoned RV professional who recently moved to South Dakota from California. His skill set has already made an impact on the business model at TrailManor in Parkston.

“I accepted this position because TrailManor builds a first-class recreational vehicle and I wanted to be a part of the team taking it nationwide and even expanding worldwide,” said TrailManor sales manager Bob Douglas. “It was an easy decision to make to relocate to South Dakota. It is a beautiful state with a lot to offer and I like that my thought process is in alignment with the state’s view on mostly everything. No looking back, no regrets. Happiness is seeing California in my rear-view mirrors!”

6,958 people have applied to move to South Dakota through “Freedom Works Here.” 1,650 applicants are in the final stages of moving to South Dakota. The most applications have come from California (1,068), Florida (539), Texas (498), Minnesota (376), and New York (320). 189 South Dakotans have also used the campaign as a tool to get plugged into career opportunities. A map showing where applicants are from can be found here.

These numbers represent those working directly through the “Freedom Works Here” program. Even more people are finding jobs and moving to South Dakota of their own accord after seeing the ads.

More information about the Freedom Works Here campaign can be found here.


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  1. three things…

    1. We could’ve saved a lot of money just hiring Smoky Heuston, the turkey plant HR director, to do what he does.

    If $1000 is what seals the deal for a work candidate….yay more a person who is bad with finances and life’s priorities is joining us!

    2. Good for Bob, but what exactly does he mean by his thought process being aligned with SD?

    TrailManor’s position as an investment by a Hutterite colony creates a unique situation unlike any other RV OEM.

    “The ownership didn’t get into this as a hobby,” Wipf says. “Long term, they will make money.”

    However, under Hutterite ownership, there are some limitations. For one, all employees must come from the Hutterite Colony. Secondly, it is almost impossible to fire a worker, and anyone who leaves the workforce must be replaced with another Hutterite from a very finite labor pool. In contrast, northern Indiana OEMs, for all their stress in finding workers, don’t face such a unique labor challenge.

    Link to article:

  2. Noem should run for a 3rd term. Otherwise the next group of clowns will erase all of her successes.

  3. “6,958 people have applied to move to South Dakota through “Freedom Works Here.” 1,650 applicants are in the final stages of moving to South Dakota.”

    You have to apply to move here? Who wrote this? And nearly a 25% success rate with people in the final stages of moving here. Amazing.

    The gaslighting from this team will never cease to amaze me. Everything is a win. Everything is the best, the strongest and the first.

    If you do not have to show tangible results you can claim what you want nowadays. So we will thankfully at some point end the Noem run being of the best, first and strongest. The next gov will have a lot of cleanup to do.

    1. “The gaslighting from this team will never cease to amaze me. Everything is a win. Everything is the best, the strongest and the first.”

      Sounds like the words spilling out of Latrine Jean-Pierre’s mouth.

  4. Anonymous on the 22nd who thinks she should run for a 3rd term. Thank God, she can’t. She’s termed out. She would have to sit out a term. She’s aiming for higher ground. Don’t you people get that we’re just a stepping stone? If you knew the behind the scenes things, you wouldn’t be so engrossed in her.

  5. Fox News and political shows have taken a nosedive in ratings. If we are lucky she is offered a position on one of their shows being an assistant for Tomi where she would have to resign from office early and not serve out her full term. It’s a long shot for her since she is more 3rd tier talent but Fox really needs help now. She could live in Palm Springs and bring her “Freedom Works Here” shtick to the podcast world like OAN, or a new QAnon show at the very least.

    1. “Fox News and political shows have taken a nosedive in ratings”

      According to Newsweek as a result of Tucker Carlson’s departure…sounds like you miss Tucker. Good for you.

    2. This is going to be Kristi, 100%. She’ll be so fast she won’t even be hit on her way out of town. I would bet she would land in Nashville or Texas. Nashville she will fit in with the cowgirl vibe, but in Texas she has a lot of rich donor friends and could be a border correspondent.

    3. just got my preorder copy of The Fall: The End Of Fox News by michael wolff. how refreshingly honest it is, i had started to forget what actual journalism is like. read it yourself if you dare.

  6. Hansen just gave the worst speech in the history of the SDRTL today. He is saying that if this abortion ban gets on the ballot then the pro life side loses. Why has he been wasting his time with the don’t sign on the line campaign and clashing with noem over carbon pipelines? He needs to get out of the way so someone with brains can lead this effort and save some babies.

    1. Maaaybe if RTL hadn’t opposed some of the proposed clarifications on when an abortion is permissible to save the life of a mother they wouldn’t find themselves in this predicament either. Voters nationwide have stated their disdain for anything that is too strict on limiting abortions.

    2. You’re wrong and just trying to divide. You are distorting his point about how serious of a threat this is to unborn life this measure is based on the outcome of measures in other states.

    3. We don’t like to call them babies, that implies we care for them when they are born. The unborn, are who we are saving, that group only. We don’t want to associate with any group that may ask for something like food, healthcare, education, lower taxes, less prisons, etc. (unless they “donate”). We associate with this unborn group who won’t ever ask for anything, it can be as big of a group as we want it too, which helps with the perception, and we have a 100% satisfaction rate with them. No unborns have ever rode their bike across your lawn or listened to that loud music which should be banned, they are great. Eventually when they can vote, we will control all of the country.

  7. “Embracing” I assume to mean “contributing financially toward; ergo paying to play”.

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