Release: Yankton County States Attorney Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General 

Yankton County States Attorney Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General 

YANKTON, SD: Yankton County State’s Attorney Rob Klimisch endorses Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg.

“Jason is an attorney that I have faced in court many times, in both criminal and civil cases.” Klimisch said. “He is always well prepared and fights vigorously for his clients and is one of the hardest working attorneys I have ever met. I have seen him at his office late into the night many times in order to get everything done”.

Klimisch resides in Yankton, South Dakota, where he is a partner in the Klimisch Law Office. He has been the Yankton County States Attorney since 2005.

“Jason has the temperament and leadership skills that will him make an outstanding Attorney General.” Klimisch said. “He also has a number of ideas that I believe will assist law enforcement and state’s attorneys across our state in doing their jobs.” “Jason has my enthusiastic support and I urge you to support him as well.”


15 thoughts on “Release: Yankton County States Attorney Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General ”

  1. I thought the anonymous posters on here said he did not work, was not even a lawyer, blah blah blah…all hogwash….but I guess when you are running against a war hero and you don’t have anything against him you try to lie long and hard enough and hope something sticks….

    Jason is running a great campaign and he has my full support!

    1. The fact that he served doesn’t mean he is a “war hero.” His destractors say stupid stuff, but this is equally dumb. And before you make claims regarding the bronze star, google is your friend. While it meant A LOT to receive that award during Vietnam, it doesn’t mean someone charged a bunker anymore and is regularly awarded to officers who didn’t necessarily participate in any direct contact. He should be proud of his service. Nobody should give him crap for it. But stop calling a damn transportation officer “a war hero.” Christ.

      And yes, I am a vet who served twice overseas. I’m not a damn “war hero.”

        1. The thing to remember is Ravnsborg did not call himself a war hero…someone here did…very few veterans actually do call themselves heroes…many are appreciate of our support of them and humbled by it…others may and you can say he is or he isn’t but that is your choice.

          I think he is highly decorated man that is serving our country admirably and honorably.

          1. Original poster here: this is an absolutely fair and well-written point. I just don’t like using terms like “war hero” as a way of making a person immune from criticism or providing it as an argument for why that person should be elected. It’s a crap tactic. But to reiterate your point: he served his country honorably, and he is right to be proud of that service.

    1. I know you mean that as a slur…but it is becoming abundantly clear Ravnsborg is the favorite.

      Jason will run circles around the 70+ year old Seiler just like he is the 60+ year old competition he has now.

  2. Wow, impressive again! Ravnsborg keeps racking up endorsements, time for the other candidates to step aside.

  3. I’ve heard Jason Ravnsborg speak very shaky, very nervous. Definitely not qualified.

    1. @ W220. Where you at the last Lincoln day dinner, all I have heard from others is how well he spoke and how confident he sounded.

      The few clips I have seen of Russell speak sound very soft spoken and timid.

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