14 thoughts on “Rick Perry – “It is time to end American Weakness.” #Dream15”

    1. It has something to do with the fact that Obama is the worst president since Jimmy Carter, if he hasn’t eclipsed him.

      1. Oh, I have to disagree with you on that. George Bush I and II were not great. In fact, they were awful.

        1. President George H. W. Bush good or bad as prez.is a man of integrity and intelligence.Duuhhbya had neither trait.

  1. he’s speaking to a general consensus among grassroots republicans, that the country has abandoned almost all of its traditional positions in national and world affairs, in order to be remade into a new type of socialist haven, one that almost but doesn’t actually kill its money-producing host. in such a haven, keeping the host body weak but barely alive is the first objective, making sure the new socialist overlay is firmly attached is the as-important second objective, and everything else, like borders, foreign enemies, world trade, etc – – all that is just a tedious distraction from the goal of a strong politically groomed collective. that’s probably what perry was hinting at.

  2. Perry is the most impressive outside the top seven and inmy mind is in the top five with regard to actually understanding a breadth of issues.

    1. i like the governors that are running. our candidate should be one of them. no doubt about it. and i’m sure trump would love to be beaten by one of the governors, beaten well and good. it would let him off the hook for actually being the president someday, it would give him a candidate he could publicly embrace after all of his trash talking, and he could spend his days lecturing the kiddies on how he singlehandedly saved democracy from going over the cliff. and he’d be part right about that if he spurs the party to start fighting for its life.

      1. and let me add one more thing mr. jones – – i saw scott walker on “this week with george stephanopolous” this morning. what a disaster, to paraphrase trump. walker was used by the network basically to counteract trump. walker was asked to differentiate himself, and then was asked if he agreed with trump’s whole 14th-amendment-anchor-baby rant. the goal of course was to groom walker to a position of not tackling the public’s over-50-rejection of accident-location-of-birth automatic citizenship, resulting in what are known as ‘anchor babies.’

        the republican who challenges trump directly CANNOT rely on any help from the mainstream media. walker doesn’t know this yet, and his humdrum campaign people are earning their keep by shuffling him from one old-style forum to the next, where the enemies lay in wait.

        the republican who beats trump will OUT TRUMP trump. they will have a gonzo campaign manager who lives to beat trump and beat him soundly. they will follow trump everywhere he goes, they will get out in front of him every place that they can and they will discover the way to channel trump’s energy conduit toward a more constructive channel.

        the campaign manager that sets up a series of tv show appearances and a half dozen little iowa/new hampshire junkets in this next quarter and nothing else SHOULD BE FIRED.

      2. Huckabee would garner the most intense grass roots across the board support of any candidate. And I would work feverishly for him.

        1. sorry sir, i disagree. the grassroots had chances to propel him upward in the past and they chose not to. as a candidate with problems, he has not reduced any of his baggage that i can tell. i specifically recall his debate with chris christie over saving social security in the fox news debate – – huckabee to my mind embodied the social-conservative tendency to abandon logic and facts at certain times. i don’t mind compromises that make sense, but abandoning facts is why the country is where it is now.

          1. i guess i’m agreeing with mr jones about perry. i still like jeb too darn it. there’s something off about walker i can’t put my finger on.

  3. Enquirer,

    This might be some insight into Walker. This weekend two of my relatives from Wisconsin were in town. They LOVE Governor Walker but they were very, very disappointed in his debate performance and campaign. They said it is like he is trying to hard to be something he is not.

    I’m summarizing their thoughts over a 20 minute conversation: At home, when he proposes, justifies or explains where his position, he comes across as very down-to-earth that cares about Wisconsin and what is best for the people.

    In his national campaign, he comes across as distant and filled with soundbites trying to appeal to a caricature of conservatives instead of real conservatives living lives every day. In short, they don’t recognize Presidential candidate Walker and don’t care for him much. But, they still love Governor Walker.

    They haven’t given up on him yet as they said it was just what they expected with regard to his Obamacare replacement. They want him to talk about solutions and not slogans to make conservatives feel good. That is what got him elected in the first place and why he remains popular as Governor.

  4. this is why i say that the cautious and conventional campaign manager should be fired. set up the war room and go to WAR

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