Right wing radio host Mark Levin attacks, challenges Senator Lee Schoenbeck to debate

Right wing radio host Mark Levin was on his radio show recently grousing over the failure of a Convention of States resolution in South Dakota, and used his pulpit to attack South Dakota State Senators Lee Schoenbeck and Dave Johnson, going so far as to challenge Senator Schoenbeck to a debate:

Somehow, I think Lee has better things to do with his time. Obviously, the COS group is kind of pissy because they lost.

The various groups have been pushing a resolution in the legislature to call a convention of states for years, and it has gone back and forth. Some think we need a convention of states to amend the constitution on term limits, some think we need a convention of states for a constitutional amendment on a balanced budget, and some fear that a convention of states to amend the constitution might bring an amendment to limit the second amendment.

It’s about a 50/50 split in the legislature regarding whether it’s a worthwhile exercise. The House passed it 39/30 (about 56%), and the Senate killed it 19/16, about 54%.

And there you have it.

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  1. Lee has better things to do than pick fights on issues he doesn’t fully understand.

    Does Lee have the courage to go on the show?

    I’m thinking not.

    What kind of odds can I get in Deadwood?

  2. I called Lee’s number yesterday and left the message, “I think you’re not fully grasping the gravity of current events. I support Convention of States.”

    The delightful person who took the call seemed amused, and I think I wasn’t the only one that called.

    Lee .. you’re mouth is talking.

    You should do something about that.

        1. Like packet captures? No, John. What you do is chronicle accusations, not evidence. Stop conflating the two.

    1. Did you use your cell phone? I’m surprised you could call anyone with all that tin foil on your head blocking out the sinister 5G.

      1. I do not presently have a cell phone.

        I’m sure I have picked up some graphene oxide from somewhere (as have you).

        This is some sinister stuff.

  3. I can’t listen to Mark Levin. His screeching high pitch is above my hearing range. And I find him irritating in other ways.

    Even though I once agreed with him:

    “Conservative radio host Mark Levin threatened on Friday that he will not support Donald Trump in the general election, should he be the nominee.

    Levin, a strong supporter of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, said that Trump’s allies had made the billionaire Republican front-runner toxic.

    “As a result of what the Trump supporters have attempted here, particularly Roger Stone, I am not voting for Donald Trump. Period,” Levin said. (From Politico – April 8, 2016)

    1. I’m with you Elk, and when he is on Hannity, he does nothing but scream at you to get you believe the garbage he is spewing.

    2. I read Lavin’s book, Liberty and Tyranny. It was great. His radio presentation is not the best, but the information is what’s important. A wise man considers the message.

      1. I agree with your assessment. Personally, I don’t listen to his show. It is not very often I disagree with him, but he always comes off as an angry man. If I were Senator Shoenbeck, I would probably pass. Levin would make the senator look like a fool. Levin has his facts and knowledge straight.

  4. Lee should go on. He’d do well. Agree or disagree with him. Why not. It’s a national audience and he could run for Governor.

      1. Does the NRA not have any pull with Schoenbeck anymore? The NRA got destroyed in committee today.

        The wheels fell off of that one.

  5. I’d like to hear principled reasons why he was against it.
    Insulting people doesn’t win arguments.

    1. there was a suggestion made a few years ago that support for a COS should be added to the the SDGOP platform.
      It was rejected because it is a divisive issue that not everybody agrees with.

  6. I just want to see a balanced Budget Amendment as the politicians have no stomach to quit overspending.

  7. Lee and Dave do more for this state in a weekend than every dipshit internet message board troll will do in a lifetime.

    Put your name to your silly anonymous comments. Mark Levin and whoever that insane caller is live in a world that isn’t real. If you believe these things, you’re a crabby schmuck in an ad campaign that’s conned you into believing you’re somehow more American because you’re stupid.

    Have a good week. 🙂

  8. The Great One versus the SD ambulance chaser pro tempor ?
    Put up or shut up. Oblige Mr. Levin’s offer or resign.

    1. Because Lee is beholden to some dude with a talk radio program? That might be the dumbest thing I’ve read today. And I read a lot of dumb things.

      Jeff, here’s an idea for you. Take out petitions. Run for office yourself. And if you can make it through the campaign, then let everyone know who legislators should listen to when they make decisions on how to vote.

      1. In my 2 terms on the city Council of my little town I, was surprised how many lawyers we had to pay with city funds. That galvanized my disdain for most lawyers.
        As I am not affiliated with any political party, I doubt I would get much support.
        However I am undefeated in Pierre against Lee S.
        His smart a– remark to my wife after our bill passed senate committee is the kind of language one can expect from him when he is on the losing end.
        By the way, the dumbest thing I have read on this site is the promotion that people should vote to weaken their vote.
        The first time I heard the term ambulance chaser pro tempor was at The Hot Rod, a place where officers of the court like to meet occasionally.

  9. I am surprised that nobody has observed that this conversation between Mark Levin and Mark Meckler consisted of a guy from Pennsylvania and a guy from California complaining that a couple of South Dakotans are only calling themselves republicans.
    They imply that those of us in flyover country don’t know what “real” republicans are, because “real” republicans are supposed to support a convention of states. It is difficult to figure out how they decided this as there is no mention of a convention of states in the party platform.

    So rather than ask some republicans why they don’t support a COS, the better question is to ask the two Marks why they think they should. If they have a good argument to present, it wouldn’t be necessary to complain that opponents aren’t “real” republicans.

  10. Quick answer as to “why?” To elicit “A Rebirth of Constitutional Government”*, especially as pertains to the Ninth** and Tenth*** Amendments.

    Levin’s book, “The Liberty Amendments” would be a good starting place for your remedial study.

    I listened the the Mark and Mark clip. In comments directed to South Dakota politicians, Levin made no reference to place of residence (e.g. “fly over country”).

    * Exact language drawn from a section heading in the 2016 Republican Party platform (repeated in 2020).
    ** Specific to “The Ninth Amendment, The People’s Retained Rights”, the Republican Party platform contains the following:
    “This provision codifies the principle that our national government derives its power from the governed and that all powers not delegated to the government are retained by the people. We call upon legislators to give full force to this fundamental principle. We welcome to our ranks all citizens who are determined to reclaim the rights of the people that have been ignored or usurped by the federal and intrusive state governments.”

    *** Specific to “The Tenth Amendment, Federalism as The Foundation of Personal Liberty”, the Republican Party platform:
    “Hence the promise of the Tenth Amendment: ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.’
    The Constitution gives the federal government very few powers, and they are specifically enumerated; the states and the people retain authority over all unenumerated powers.”

  11. The political establishment in South Dakota (mostly registered as ‘Republican’ simply as a means to get elected to office) endorses a free spending, big federal government which defies accountability to the states and the people.
    Proof: comments associated with this post and the annual state legislative exercise in which South Dakota politicians usurp, as a priority with legislative actions, the will and intent of the voters.

  12. Like some have stated here, I cannot stand not only Levin’s voice, but also his arrogance. The same with Alex Jones and at times, I thought they might be twins!
    My problem with a CoS is that there are no penalties with teeth to prevent CoS delegates from not doing as they promise to do. For the most part, politicians of today are not of the moral character of our original Founders. Also there were no Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg and the like who could easily hand out eight-figure, two-comma bribes to get rid of our Constitution. I agree with term limits and a balanced budget. However, IF it ever gets to the place where a CoS actually takes place, what’s to make politicians follow the new Constitution if they don’t bother to follow the one we have now? A Schoenbeck v. Levin debate…THAT should be highly entertaining, but I’ll prefer to read the written word.

  13. I’d prefer Schoenbeck debate someone who isn’t a glorified blogger (sorry, Pat), particularly one who has tried to push lies about stolen elections.

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