Rounds expects strong support for Keystone XL

New US Senator Mike Rounds expects strong support for Keystone XL, and hints that an amendment may be coming to increase support even further:

U.S. Senator–Elect, Mike Rounds said, “The Republican leader has said we want open debate, we want to have honest discussion on these issues and we’re going to start with up to 30 hours of discussion and debate and then we’ll vote. I believe the Keystone XL pipeline bill will move forward, I think right now there’s about 63 supporters right now that we know of, but there may be an amendment which might bring other supporters on as well.”

Read it all here at KEVN.

5 thoughts on “Rounds expects strong support for Keystone XL”

  1. I see that the anti-Keystone religious have now turned to using the low price of oil to support their crusade!

    What a bunch of earth haters.

    1. How long do we want to continue to have to rely on the Saudis for any of our oil? Also, with our Canadian friends being a supplier, they would be able to influence prices in the future and the Saudis wouldn’t have as much control.

      1. To the earth-hating anti-Keystone Believers, it’s NOT about where our oil comes from.

        It’s about killing our use of ALL OIL!

        OIL IS EVIL, they rant! It’s oil they hate, not Canadian oil or Saudi oil.

        It’s progress they hate. It’s a modern economy they hate. Oil fuels progress and economic growth (literally) so it must be evil too.


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