Rounds featured in story on his opposition to how the EPA is writing regulations

From the Argus/USA Today, Republican US Senator Mike Rounds is featured for his aggressive stance against how Obama’s EPA is doing business:

Rounds has not wavered in his stance that White House agencies and departments are given too much freedom to set rules and that lawmakers are unable to sufficiently check to ensure final regulations match what Congress intends. Much of his concern has centered on a rule from the EPA known as the Waters of the United States that farmers and ranchers fear would give the agency more regulatory power that could infringe on their land rights and saddle them with higher costs. The White House and EPA officials have said those concerns are unfounded.

Farm groups have not said not say whether they would sue the EPA to block the water rule, but those who have followed the issue have long predicted a lawsuit. A legal challenge would be the latest for the EPA.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled last Tuesday that 15 states cannot challenge the EPA’s greenhouse gas rules for power plants before the rules are finalized. And in the coming weeks, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on a challenge to the EPA’s rules restricting toxic emissions from power plants. Opponents have said the EPA didn’t take into account industry costs — estimated by the agency at $9.6 billion annually — in writing the new regulations.

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6 thoughts on “Rounds featured in story on his opposition to how the EPA is writing regulations”

  1. “The White House and EPA officials have said those concerns are unfounded.” Anyone remember the White House stating that you can “keep our physician/insurance company if you like them, period”? So we are supposed to believe that the concerns over EPA are unfounded? Yeah, right.

  2. If a Jeb Bush Administration was promulgating the same rule, Rounds would be for it. Nothing to see here. Just move on.

    1. If true, this is another reason why the country doesn’t need Jeb Bush. Is there seriously anyone out there who thinks Jeb Bush is the best we can do? If you heard his spot on why people support Jebby, it seems that the most important thing is that he is married to a Latina and can speak Spanish. Seriously? I don’t care if he is married to a Latina, and I don’t care if he speaks Spanish. Both facts are immaterial to his vision for America and his ability to turn this country around. If you vote for him based only on those factors you are no better than those who voted for Obummer because of his skin color.

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