Rounds for Senate sends out fundraising e-mail, pointing out Biden’s record on spending

Just received this fundraising e-mail from the Rounds for Senate campaign.. which is interesting, as I don’t think I’d seen one in a while from them.


Thought Jimmy Carter was the worst President on the Economy?
Joe Biden: Hold My Beer

Since the anemic start to his Presidency, Joe Biden’s authoritarian policies and executive branch rules have crippled America’s economy. Plain and simple.

All of the comparisons to Jimmy Carter, probably aren’t fair… Jimmy Carter!

Biden’s economic approval ratings are even worse than Jimmy Carter’s. In 1978, Carter’s net economic rating was eight points underwater with the American public. Biden’s handling of the economy has been even worse at negative thirteen points. The economy, in particular inflation, led to Carter’s political demise. As Biden proves to be the worst President in modern history on the economy, the American people are poised to provide him with the same political path.

CNN reported that “Inflation seems to be a big issue for Biden, just 28% of Americans approved of the job he is doing to handle inflation…” In fact, 47% reported that they were “hurting” – according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll. Hard working Americans are paying the price. In South Dakota, Biden Inflation is costing South Dakota families an extra $850 per month. As more voters, even Democrats, come to terms with the economic failures of the Biden Administration – brighter days are ahead and we’ll look back at this failed Presidency as a lesson learned.

In the meantime, Biden and his handlers will continue to roll out new measures to re-distribute your money to others who they deem more deserving. Unfortunately, during the 2021-2022 Congress, Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate. Biden and D.C. Democrats had the ability to pass whatever they wanted, and there was nothing Republicans could do to stop them.

In addition to record high inflation and energy prices, Biden has increased entitlement spending more than 40%. According to the Congressional Budget Office, he’s added almost $10 trillion in additional debt.

In the last two years alone, I have opposed more than $5 trillion in Democrat spending proposals, including:

  • The American Rescue Plan- $1.9 trillion (March 2021)
  • The Infrastructure Law- $1.2 trillion (August 2021)
  • The FY2022 Omnibus Spending Bill- $1.5 trillion (March 2022)
  • The CHIPS & Science Law- $180 billion (July 2022)
  • The (misnamed) Inflation Reduction Act- $739 billion (August 2022)

Those in the liberal media ignore Biden’s spending, but trust me, he’s re-directing existing taxpayer funds at record pace to more new programs than you can shake a stick at. Biden and his new army of IRS agents will be looking to squeeze every dime they can out of hard-working Americans to feed their spending addiction.

All of this leads to today’s fight: the national debt ceiling. Standing at $31.8 trillion dollars, our national debt is out of control. The debt ceiling is a legislatively mandated limit on how much the U.S. can borrow. But, behind the math – the consequences tied to U.S. default on its obligations could sink our entire economy. The media attention on the debt ceiling now has casual observers extremely concerned – some of it over-hyped, some of it legitimate. Since 1960, Congress has raised the debt ceiling seventy-eight times. Forty-nine of those times were under Republican presidents.

Considering Biden’s economy, out-of-control spending, and the current deficit – I’m taking the opportunity to reign in both – spending and the deficit.

That’s why I’ve joined Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) in refusing to advance any bill that raises the debt ceiling without substantive spending and budget reforms. Today, we have enough support to block any discussion on a so-called “clean” debt ceiling bill. We have a tremendous opportunity to make meaningful reforms to both Washington’s out-of-control spending and the national debt.

The Republican-controlled House is seeking to raise the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion, roll back spending to 2022 levels, impose a 1% cap on future spending, sweep unspent COVID funds, and cancel IRS funding for new staff.

We have the cards. The Republican effort in the House and Senate should force Biden to come to the table and negotiate meaningful spending reforms. If Biden refuses, he alone will own the economic collapse a default on our debt would cause.

Today, I believe it’s clear that Republicans aren’t going to save Biden and Chuck Schumer from this mess they’ve caused. The economy is spiraling due to unsustainable fiscal policies. We have the solution and we intend to stick together to see it through.

Racking up additional debt without meaningful spending reform is a non-starter. The Washington Democrats will fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo. That’s why I support the effort to protect taxpayers and gain fiscal constraint. I strongly support Leader McCarthy’s efforts to negotiate a conservative path forward.

Your support over the years has meant the world to me. As I’ve told others, there are big fights in Washington, but our kids’ and grandchildren’s future is worth fighting for.

In these tough economic times, I’m very sensitive to the need to raise campaign funds. But, the fact is, it takes resources.  If you’d be willing to help support our efforts of fiscal sanity, common sense solutions, and a focus on South Dakota – please consider a donation today.


13 thoughts on “Rounds for Senate sends out fundraising e-mail, pointing out Biden’s record on spending”

  1. I’d be happy to send him some money, for SENATE. Need to know that’s what he’s running for first.

  2. I will send him “my thoughts and prayers”. If they will aid gun violence then he can use them to pay his bills.

  3. Of course, South Dakota is participating in NONE of the five spending bills Senator Rounds cites. Of course, we are not spending any of the federal funds allocated to South Dakota but have returned those funds to the federal treasury. Of course not. Those funds comprise a substantial portion of the state budget or are a significant portion of the State’s surplus. We always hate federal tax dollars and love to spend them.

  4. Dude needs a civics lesson. He’s in charge of the spending, POTUS is in charge of running the offices funded by the legislature. Rounds has been in office for 8+ years, Biden has been POTUS for 2+… Sadly, they play on the ignorance of voters who think the debt ceiling is on future spending, instead of paying for bills that have already passed in congress.

    1. Oh, and a side note… What legislation has Rounds presented to solve the issues with inflation, and other issues he complains about?? He is in the position to do something – but what has he done?

      1. if bills you cosponsor are killed in committee again and again because you’re in the minority it is very similar to looking like you never do anything. good catch there.

  5. I’m done with Rounds. He’s an avid big spender as he voted for the current spending bill. No more signs on my properties or money from my check book. He’s a weak fiscal conservative with a weak leadership record. Someone please challenge the fake Republican.

    1. Rounds is no conservative, he’s best described as a left of center quasi-Democrat. Not to mention someone who never served in the US military that wants unlimited, endless wars paid for by the US taxpayer. Rounds was a terrible governor and an even worse US Senator.

  6. Well i see all the Dusty fans are posting away, smacking rounds. Must be scared, and should be scared.

    Rounds is unstoppable in any race.

  7. Let us remember that Senator Rounds was a very successful owner of an Insurance Agency. He sold insurance to all comers, didn’t care one bit if you were a political Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat or Socialist. He provided great service to all his customers. Senator Rounds was and still is a Military Officer. The Military and its chain of command doesn’t care if you’re white, black, brown or red. The Military welcomes non citizen immigrants into their fact it is a path to citizenship. From this background, I surmise that Senator Rounds is a REALIST..plain and simple and a Realist is a good thing to have in the Senate.

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