Rounds: President ‘Thumbed His Nose’ at American People

Rounds: President ‘Thumbed His Nose’ at American People

MikeRounds official Senate WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) today expressed his disappointment in President Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL legislation.

“Once again, the President has chosen to appease the far-left wing of his political base instead of doing what’s best for the American people,” said Rounds. “Our Keystone legislation is an important jobs, infrastructure and energy bill that received widespread, bipartisan support in Congress. In his veto, he has thumbed his nose at the American people who overwhelmingly support the project, our Canadian allies and the economic growth of our nation.”

The State Department has issued five environmental impact studies, all of which showed Keystone is not expected to have any significant effects on the environment. In South Dakota, the pipeline would mean more tax money for schools.  It would also free up our railways, allowing South Dakota farmers to ship their grain to market in a faster, more cost-effective way.


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  1. the green era is just about to begin. he doesn’t think it’s even needed, and on behalf of his environmental supporters, he will never ever ever ever sign onto any plan like this. this was utterly predictable.

          1. William who? Not me…

            Agree with me, or not, whatever I post here will have my name on it.

            1. now i see that the guess stems from my sticking up for mrs beal in various discussions. i don’t know the lady but she makes many good contributions here. she straightened me out on something i was off base about last year and i appreciate that.

    1. Move to Greece, WU; I think you’d appreciate the total government control over there more than the fleeting freedom we have here.

    1. i see his photo! he had a photo op! you’re calling the wrong senator the photo op guy! phew glad we got that straight now. you should play basketball with rounds, you’re probably taller than him.

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