Thune on Keystone Veto: Misguided Presidential Priorities

Misguided Presidential Priorities

John_Thune,_official_portrait,_111th_CongressWASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) issued the following statement on President Obama’s veto of the bipartisan bill to approve the job-creating Keystone XL pipeline, which is supported by 62 senators and 270 representatives:

“It’s disappointing but not surprising that the president has yet again chosen his far-left environmental base over American jobs and opportunity.”


15 thoughts on “Thune on Keystone Veto: Misguided Presidential Priorities”

    1. No, but not everybody agrees that you have a brain in your head either.. However, I think a lot of Americans believe that Keystone should go through, but, typical of his arrogance, Obama knows best.

      Try a different bit-the photo op thing is getting old. And to your point, Thune could do better than Obama, but I have belly button lint that could do better than the socialist now occupying the White House.

  1. what’s up thinks the massive volume of work thune has done in congress as a republican senator is not valid because he’s pulling in the ‘wrong’ political direction. what’s up will never concede the truth, so i guess he’s a good liberal in that respect.

  2. This is a real setback for our nation. Our President would rather punish industrious Americans than stimulate the middle class. Never before have we seen a President so hateful of anybody but the richest 1%. We will keep praying for you, Senator Thune. Keep pushing the Keystone Jobs Bill.

    1. Barry didn’t get shit. And my SS contacts advise that Valery Jarrett sent someone out to find him and drag his scrawny ass down to the Situation Room. The agents found him in the gym, They put that blue blazer on him, sat him down for that staged photo and 30 seconds later he was back in the gym. They woke him up for the big TV announcement. Get serious.

    2. i thought w-u was telling us bho had a fight or something with rod carew. w-u must be posting on a phone or something.

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