Rumor alert: That’s so crazy it can’t be true? Rumor Haugaard announcing for AG?

Heard a rumor that is rocketing around among politicos this weekend with regards to the really unusual event of Steve Haugaard headlining the Butte County Lincoln Day Dinner on March 2.

Aside from the fact that the speaking engagement isn’t going to draw anyone but the furthest right of the far right, a rumor keeps going around that an announcement will be made in Butte County that – and again, this is just rumor at this point, but the claim is Haugaard is supposedly using the occasion to announce the start of a run for Attorney General in 2026.

I’m not sure how a person can really assess that water cooler chatter.

Is this supposedly coming off of Haugaard’s representation of Julie Frye Mueller? Because I don’t think that went too well for them. Would it be seeking a bounce from his previous effort(s) to run for statewide office? Again, something that didn’t end so well.

I talked to one politico who had heard it from three different sources today so I don’t know if it’s just circulating that quickly secondhand through the winter inhabitants of the state capital, or there is actual substance to it.

Put me down as a doubting Thomas, because I think the notion of Steve Haugaard running for AG is pretty silly. It would be like R. Shawn Tornow announcing he was running because you don’t have to be an attorney to be attorney general.

But given what’s happening with some members of the GOP lately, I can’t discount anything.

11 thoughts on “Rumor alert: That’s so crazy it can’t be true? Rumor Haugaard announcing for AG?”

  1. When the candidates for AG were Russell, Fitzgerald and Ravnsborg, he opined that he had more appellate court experience than all three of them put together.

    So what if he runs?

  2. This is called “jumping the shark”.

    Nice try to stir up fake drama. Marty will be AG until he doesn’t run again. Then Dan Haggar will walk in.

  3. Put him on a primary ballot, better to see him lose 80-20 than 60-40. Him pretending Larry Rhoden isn’t conservative enough is enough for me to say he’s fallen off the right edge and landed on the left. At some point you become so authoritarian that you are communist, Haugaard telling women the way they have to dress is evidence enough.

  4. Make no mistake about it, under the current system it will be either him or Jon Hansen as your next AG. Jackley despite his brief supporting Trump is a RINO to the crowd that will control the convention.

    1. Either one would be a disaster. We should not be electing people to that office who do not have prosecutorial experience.

      Ravnsborg has more legal experience than Jon Hansen and may have more than Haugaard.

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