Rushmore PAC robocall lawsuit against Stace Nelson dismissed on technicality, Rushmore PAC may appeal.

The lawsuit filed long ago against the persons alleged to be involved in illegal robocalls was dismissed late last week on a technicality by the judge hearing the case, but the principals involved in the case indicated that they may appeal:

Second Circuit Court Judge Mark Salter in his order filed Monday said he decided to dismiss the six-year-old case after the former lawmaker who filed it failed to keep the case going.

“This case is stale and focuses upon conduct alleged to have occurred prior to the 2012 general election,” Second Circuit Court Judge Mark Salter wrote. “The lack of action is unreasonable and unexplained.”


Nelson said he’d never been involved in the robocalls and felt the lawsuit brought against him was an attempt to “slime” him in the press. The decision to dismiss was the right one, Nelson said, though it came years later than it should’ve.

“It is a measure of justice that this has been dismissed with prejudice,” Nelson said.

Lederman said he didn’t agree with the judge’s decision and would consider an appeal.

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While Nelson protests his innocence to the press, Nelson had been named as participating in the case as part of the sworn testimony of Gary Dykstra, who was named in the complaint as a key player in the robocalls.

On the stand, Dykstra said he, Willard and state representative Stace Nelson got the idea to send out these robocalls to people throughout South Dakota because they did not like the voting record of South Dakota Republican leaders when it came to cutting education benefits for veterans. Dykstra said three different people, including Willard, came up with this plan.

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12 thoughts on “Rushmore PAC robocall lawsuit against Stace Nelson dismissed on technicality, Rushmore PAC may appeal.”

  1. Doesn’t Nelson just slime himself withe the way he carries himself, like hiding in the bathroom during a vote?

    “Nelson said he’d never been involved in the robocalls and felt the lawsuit brought against him was an attempt to “slime” him in the press.”

  2. The Rushmore PAC needs to pursue the case for the sake of Nelson’s district and citizens of SD. If he stoops to these tactics and then lies about it, it is detrimental to have someone like him representing us. The truth, along with a thorough background check, is owed to citizens who are represented by this outsider. People of his district need to be aware that to elect a democrat in his district would be more productive than to send Nelson back to Pierre.

  3. Liberal Republicans can’t stand it when their liberal voting records are exposed to the public. They can’t argue the facts so they retaliate by finding technical errors on the out spoken conservatives, and then go on with their personal attacks. Now Lederman is whining about some kind of technicality with his retaliatory lawsuit. Ironic.

  4. Shawn Tornow told the jury at Dan Willard’s trial that Stace Nelson should have been the one on trial. I was there, so was Mr Powers, (and a couple of other gentlemen who may choose to identify themselves.)
    The calls were placed from Stace’s Tracfone, the DCI agent testified to that.
    Stace lied about it and made his friends take the fall. He’s a coward. A Real Man would have taken his lumps.

  5. They will appeal and they will lose. The judge’s decision will not be over turned this time. I expect Stace will be filing to have his costs paid for since he is the winning party.

  6. Interesting how a Democrat from Iowa comes up to South Dakota, sues a conservative, and then becomes the Chairmanship of the SDGOP. Very telling example of just how liberal the SDGOP has become.

  7. I hope they appeal. Nelson lived out of state for many years so it looks like we have the pot calling the kettle black. It would be better for everyone if the Democrat wins in his district and I have never said that before. He is destructive to Republicans. He needs to go.

    1. What is destruction to Republicans is former registered Democrats suing conservatives.

      1. No what is destruction is fake conservatives like Stace Nelson spewing lies and sadly you believe it.

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