Sanford Health COVID update for January 25, 2022.

From Sanford Health comes this weeks’ update on COVID hospitalizations:

The number of people hospitalized is remaining steady, but as compared to last week, it seems like the number of people who have been both vaccinated and boosted requiring hospitalization is at a higher percentage. But, in good news, we’re getting a few off of ventilators.

Still, well worth noting that you stand a better chance of not ending up in the ICU or on a ventilator if you’re vaccinated.  Follow the science.

11 thoughts on “Sanford Health COVID update for January 25, 2022.”

    1. It clearly works. The majority of people are vaccinated, the majority of hospitalized people are not.

    2. You can’t seem to comprehend the odds of something happening. You still placing money on the Packers?

  1. well over in the legislature, the anti-vax members have decided to use the vaccine issue to shit on the Governor’s desk again, with HB1008.

    If an employer mandates a vaccine, and the employee suffers a vaccine-related injury (real or imagined) he can sue his employer.

    To make it certain to be vetoed, the second paragraph eliminates the statute of limitations (3 years) for personal injury. So anything that happens during the next 70 years can be blamed on a vaccine.

    Oh, they’ll pass it all right, and then make a big stink about it when she vetoes it.

    1. What does that even mean?

      Medical experts and scientists look at “background data”. Then… you ignore them.

  2. Until the self-centered, narcissistic nonvaxxers get vaccinated and stop spreading COVID, deaths will continue totally because of them. Thankfully such arrogance did not occur when the polio vaccine became available.

    1. Me, you should follow the science and not spread internet lies or applied to the original variant which is no longer prevalent. The vaccine’s effectiveness at preventing infection and spread against Omicron is negligibly effective. It’s curren benefit is reducing severity and hospitalization. And, because the vaccinated are more likely to be asymptomatic, a case can be made that the vaccinated may be more likely to spread Omicron.

      Be a truth teller and stick to the science: The current vaccines are effective at lessening symptoms and decreasing odds of hospitalization and death, which if one is elderly or vulnerable makes vaccination a prudent action.

      1. Just to be clear, being overweight or obese makes someone vulnerable. Many people are in denial about that part.

        1. And yet, the unvaccinated are hospitalized, tubed etc. at rates higher than vaccinated ones. Is your assertion that all the unvaccinated are fat, or is this yet another red herring?

          1. No, my assertion is that obesity is a pre-existing condition that many are in denial about. And that covid hits fat people harder so if you’re overweight it’s another reason you should be being vaccinated and boosted.

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