Senator Mike Rounds: “an invasion in Ukraine will cost (Vladimir Putin) blood and treasure”

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12 thoughts on “Senator Mike Rounds: “an invasion in Ukraine will cost (Vladimir Putin) blood and treasure””

  1. Why isn’t Mike Rounds being outspoken about our southern border? The majority of the US citizens oppose taking our military to Ukraine, but it seems that the majority of DC is pushing it. Good thing they represent the people of this countey.

    1. I think the “crisis” is a bit manufactured at the southern border. You could do the same for the northern border where a family was just found frozen to death east of I-29 (if you consider the crisis loss of life). The consequences of letting some migrants get to the united states to work illegally for pay below minimum wage compared to the re-establishment of the soviet union is pretty black-and-white. I think Mike’s focus is in the right place. Putin knows he needs to increase GDP to increase military spending, he wants to do that by expanding borders and controlling commerce through Ukraine’s ports, we should not let that happen.

  2. CNN and Mike Rounds, seems about right… Seen by 37 people and to a person asked, “who the hell is this” ?

  3. While there is a place for people to be “outspoken” about the border, as Kristen Synema and Joe Manchin has taught the Biden administration, solutions don’t happen from demonization and crazy rants. It takes hard work, in the trenches, often with people on which this may be the only thing upon which you agree and the partisan rhetoric is avoided.

    While President Trump did a great job on the border, that success was clearly short-lived because his policies and protocols were not enshrined in law. Governing by Executive Order and Executive Fiat means all gains have a live only as long as that person is in office and as Trump did to Obama and Biden did to Trump even worse, we are now on a governance by 4 year monarchs changed every election. For us to get long-term solutions, we need a return by governance by legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by the President.

    Mike Rounds is a member in the small bipartisan group of Senators focused on getting a solution to the border. As you know, with the filibuster, a long-term solution of the border crisis requires 60 votes in the Senate. When we get a solution on the border, Mike Rounds’ fingerprints will be all over that solution.

  4. Mike Rounds knows absolutely nothing about Russia, as evidenced by his comments. He’s just another clownish DC puppet. The good news is America isn’t buying the war propaganda this time round.👍

  5. Only an idiot would threaten Putin. What happens when Vlad calls doughboy Mike on his bluff? After 20 years of failure in Aghanistan, are we ready to wage war against Russia? To what end?

  6. Yeah, he should have fawned over him and praised him like Trump. Nothing keeps a good dictator at bay like another dictator showing his man crush.

  7. Senator, please abandon the tired neocon rhetoric. (“Sometimes a bully just needs to get a bloody nose.”) I pray for peace in the Ukraine. I have fought in foreign wars and am sick of them. Ukraine does not belong in NATO and should not receive NATO protection. We have no obligation to be the arms-merchant to the world. Politicians and ivory-tower foreign policy establishment military-industrial complex need to snap out of it.

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