SD Canvassing Group claims “the auditor cabal is colluding!” No, really.

The South Dakota Canvassing Group, now a South Dakota non-profit organization, which describes itself as “a volunteer organization working to restore free, fair, transparent and secure elections in South Dakota,” has a substack page which provides a better glimpse of what the organization is really doing – providing a gathering place for the most off-the-wall election conspiracists that South Dakota has to offer.

Case in point is their recent post about the state’s new election cyber-security specialist, titled “SD SOS Kicks off 2024 Disinformation Prevention Campaign” –

Interesting that we need a cyber security analyst for elections that are not online. Looks like this gal has had a good start, interning with DHS/CISA at the Fusion Center. Remember, DHS/CISA is at the forefront of the industrial censorship complex that unconstitutionally censored the American people, and any content that went against the official narrative of the “safest and most secure election in history.” Not to mention, any and all lifesaving information regarding Covid-19 while pushing the deadly remdesivir protocol and dangerous MRNA jabs.


Do not be deceived. Your Secretary of State’s office has been completely compromised. The auditor cabal is colluding with Lee Schoenbeck and David Wheeler and Helene Duhamel. The rest of the SOS office employees are recycled former SOS office or BPro employees.

NONE of these officials are working for the people, towards transparency, or security our elections. They are regurgitating national level propaganda in preparation for whatever is in store for 2024.

Pardon my french, but What The F? The auditor cabal? 

South Dakota Canvassing is so off the wall nuts that they are convinced that the auditors – largely a group of middle-aged women who worked in their respective offices for 2-3 decades and ran to replace the boss they worked for after their boss retired from the same county job – actually has an evil cabal?

And of course, the SOS hired someone who somehow covered up “all lifesaving information regarding Covid-19.”  Because they have to talk about COVID-19 vaccination alongside election conspiracies.


Sorry if my scornful laughter did not translate very well in the written word, but that was in ridicule of the conspiracy mindset of this group that they would think this, much less put it to print. This is short-a-few-fries-from-their-happy-meal thinking.

What do you do with this? Is this the figurative hill SD Canvassing thinks they can die on with legislators, or even better, the voters of South Dakota?

Ugh. Can they go identify with Democrats? Because Republicans don’t need these kooks dragging us down.

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  1. It’s very misleading for you to mention middle-aged women being targeted when actually the SD Canvassing Group is merely pointing out the useful idiots who insist that our elections are more safe and secure than ever.

    1. Mark Mowry calls county auditors “useful idiots.” How did he get 7% of the vote for US Senate? He shouldn’t have broken 2%

        1. Mark, if the county auditors are ‘useful idiots’ because they run our elections openly and fairly, does that make you a useless idiot?

          1. Anonymous, Look again very closely and see where I called county auditors ‘useful idiots’, then get back to me. You really need to work on your reading comprehension skills.

            1. “SD Canvassing Group merely pointing out the useful idiots who insist that our elections are more safe and secure than ever.”

              Those people would be the County Auditors – ya know, Mark, the folks who run our elections every year? The same ‘cabal’ this entire thread is about? The same people who SDCanvassing keeps calling out? That’s who you’re referring to. You need to work on your BASIC comprehension skills, Mark

    2. Mark sounds like a winning campaign stump speech! It is exactly what we love to see. Full-tilt conspiracies the better!

  2. your scornful laughter was appreciated and appropriate.
    whenever i read the interoffice memos the kook class shares with each other, some things stand out. they’re nearly always infused with a new alert about some new level of decay – which is a convenient way of keeping your team excited when the general public could not pay less attention to you.
    while i read them, i hear in my mind the info-wars or hannity broadcasts where the team strengthens the wall between their intelligence and the actual facts.
    while i read them i imagine the late chris farley leaping around in ninja stealth garb, breaking into a county courthouse to rifle through wastebaskets in the dark of night.
    don’t take your eyes off this bunch. thanks.

  3. SDCanvassing is the greatest threat to SD elections at this time.
    Why don’t any of them run for county auditor?
    Oh, right.
    They don’t know enough about the job to do it themselves.
    They just enjoy the attention they’re getting for being loud.
    Isn’t it funny when people fear what they don’t understand?

  4. You realize you all invited this craziness in by supporting Trump right? Now we’re just reaping.

  5. Let’s pull back from the rhetoric and hyperbole.

    Describe the mechanism by which the public can verify the integrity of elections?

    No hand waiving allowed.

    The answer: by some mechanism understood by the public, the votes must be counted in full view.

    When re-counted, the results must match.

    The public must not be able to raise reasonably supported common sense concerns about the results.

    We are just not there, yet, regardless of how clean our elections might have been.

    At the core of the issue, it is not about whether the elections actually were clean. It’s about whether or not that can be verified.

    I was in Deadwood being considered for jury duty years ago when an elderly woman in my cohort was asked, “can you be impartial.” She snorted, “I believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

    She was dismissed because the statement is abhorrent to the notion of Justice.

    Now, consider the case before the public. People like Mark above assume there are problems with our elections. In fact, Amendment A didn’t pass with what I would consider a valid vote, and I think in my humble opinion the Supreme Court of South Dakota found a way to dismiss it without admitting that our voter registration process is wide open to gamesmanship.

    “[But it’s the military and their caravans of RV’s that are currently exploiting the loophole, so it’s okay]” is the implicit reconciliation as I speak with many different types of folks about this issue. The consideration is that it’s a beach head for “us” as well as “them”.

    It’s a huge Ringo Starr sized dinosaur egg with the potential to cover the faces of all South Dakotans with the very un-becoming implication that the poor non-military people of SD can’t be trusted to decide elections, and must defer to the flag waiving “land of the free! home of the brave!” posturing military community purporting to uphold their oaths to the Constitution by defiling the spirit of the Constitution; one vote, one CITIZEN.

    But there is another aspect to consider. There are the people who make the weapons, but there are also the people who invest in the people who make the weapons.

    I’m not the hill-taking, flag pole swinging SD Canvassing supporter. I’m just a regular guy who understands math (Statistics were a large part of my MS MIS degree from The Eller College, the nation’s top program, frequently in the top 5 for MIS). I understand proofs (I also have the Bachelors in Philosophy, the study of logic and critical thinking). I also have a lot of real world experience, but my degrees and education were hard-earned and everyone can underestimate them at their own risk.

    The statistical analysis proves within reason that we have some serious issues with our electoral processes.

    The behavior of ES&S and many county auditors raises serious red flags about the integrity of our elections (the proverbial smoke, with which there may or may not be fire, but we can’t actually verify if there is fire because we’re not granted access to where the smoke is coming from).

    Thinking like a detective, the means is there through potentially rigged past elections in the SOS and other offices who ensure that un-auditable processes continue to proliferate our elections. The opportunity is there every time we don’t have elections with reasonable assurance of the outcome, the potential for electoral malfeasance promulgates forward through time. The motive is there to protect cash flows and prevent prosecution.

    The questions that help us understand the definition of insanity in this context: How far are auditors and corporate executives willing to go to prevent the Cast Vote Records (CVR) from being inspected and audited by the public? How far are county commissions willing to go to prevent a hand count? How far is the public willing to go in order to pry open the process and correlate the statistics and behavior with some underlying evidence, presumably that would exist in the Cast Vote Records?

    There is a single root cause to all of this strife and uncertainty – lack of transparency in our elections preferred by the over-dependence on computers.

    The most likely culprit driving the strife is the SD banking stronghold, which likes very much to make sure there is no risk of “loss” on the P&L. They aren’t risk takers. Sardonically, in order to protect the corporate entity laws and banking regulations to protect the deposits and trusts, risk has found its back through the back door of SD elections. Win the elections and you can do virtually anything in SD.

    Can South Dakota banking executives, boards, and depositors continue turning a blind eye to how the sausage of competitive advantage gets made in our state?

    In the age of 5G and *ahem* various medical initiatives, is that a fight for which the public is prepared?

    As I gaze out into the scape, I see a critical mass of people from all walks of life who are sick of seeing their money invested in $5000 gift cards to illegals at the border, foreign nations who pick fights through systemic abuse of peoples, and the constant instigation of wars, centralization of our supply chains, and the Wal-martification (reduction in quality) of food, housing, transportation, and clothing.

    1. This is a Mike Lee Z length response, if anyone reads it, please give me a TL:DR version.

      1. I am thinking about flag-waiving, and I think it’s what happens when nobody remembers to bring a flag to the Brookings County Republican meetings and luncheons, so we waive the pledge. Clarification of this activity will be appreciated.

      2. For what it’s worth, Scoreboard.

        If the banks are forced to witness the process, they will not back the auditors.

        The process is deeply flawed, and the risk to banking portfolios too much.

        So, as auditors come to terms with being forced to run over the berm without cover fire to fight for unverifiable elections, I think we’ll see more dissent to business as usual.

        Complex issues deserve thorough analysis.

        If your only criticism is “his responses are too long”, I’ll take the W.

        Ignore it if you want .. that’s pretty slow going.

        You can walk to the L if you wish.

        But I’m going to drive to the W for all South Dakotans (Banks included, I don’t want to see them fail because they moronically assumed treasonous level risk).

        My piece above is missing three paragraphs.

        If you would like me to finish it up to run it in a newspaper (assuming they aren’t all corrupted), I’ll be happy to do that.

        Heck, I’d even run it here, Pat.

        Just let me know.

        I think I was absolutely smack dab in the center bullseye DEAD on.

      1. Thank you .. this is a very complex issue that takes a lot of time to analyze in addition to maintaining open and free publication channels. We need funding. Please consider helping.

  6. I’m comfortable with the opinion that tin foil hats clearly cause brain damage 😎. Do we get paid to be in a cabal, or is that more free work? How often does it meet, and are there donuts provided?

  7. Elections are not secure in South Dakota?? Nonsense, total and complete nonsense. The Republican Party doesn’t need these nuts. They obviously are trying to undermine one of the most successful political organizations in the United States of America. Get them out of the Party.

      1. But republicans overwhelmingly support THE guy who started all this election denialism in the first place. So…

  8. the “deadly Remdesivir protocol” had a 78% survival rate among hospitalized patients with “moderate to severe” Covid 19 pneumonia at Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. A study on Remdesivir published in NEJM in January 2022 showed that Remdesivir had an 87% success rate of keeping high risk patients out of the hospital.
    But don’t let facts get in the way of hysteria

      1. Anonymous at 1:38 they are still talking about covid. A lot.
        What’s got them really pissed off is that after they quit their jobs rather than be vaccinated, the vaccinated people, who make up 81% of the state’s population, are just fine, and employed.
        The unvaccinated 19% are still unemployed and have nothing better to do than attend public meetings and talk about how “everything is connected.”

    1. It was a death sentence for many elderly in NYC. That protocol liquified the lungs and fomented pneumonia.

      Renal failure was a known side effect of Remdesivir.

      Those poor people. 🙁

      Covid had to be scary enough to lock things down and bring in mail-in ballots.

      1. John, I think you are confusing the Remdesivir adverse reactions with those known to be caused by antibiotics like Vancomycin (renal failure) and Nitrofurantoin (pulmonary fibrosis.)

        Once people are in intensive care, they receive a LOT of drugs. in addition to the risks posed by the individual drugs, there are the risks of drug interactions as well as the damage caused by the virus itself.

        I can imagine doctors prescribing Vancomycin if the viral infection had resulted in a secondary bacterial infection acquired in the hospital, or prescribing Nitrofurantoin for an RNA virus because it inhibits RNA synthesis.
        It is difficult to find data on these drugs because the people who received them were on so many other drugs.

      2. every ballot counted has to be verified against the voter rolls before it is added to the count. this is true in every district in the country bar none. parties have watchers in every count.

        the only two lessons that arose after November 2020 were: 1 the actual fact found at every charge of cheating, was that the system worked and was worthy of trust, and 2. the system was resilient enough to resist the true monumental attacks made by trump himself.

        a lot of the election security mistrust seems to be ginned up, to what end? we’ll see i guess.

  9. This same group is also a huge pain in the *** for states attorneys. They have their own interpretation of the law and even after an actual attorney goes blue in the face trying to explain things to them, they’re still right and the attorney is still wrong. And don’t bring up the words “conspiracy theorist” because they will be the first to tell you that they are not.

  10. These are Monae’s former friends. I’ve heard several of them say they should have stuck with Barnett heavy rather than Barnett light.

    1. Sometimes your forces become surrounded.

      The gravity of this situation means we all need to work together.

      Please always behave respectfully with those in office who may be surrounded.

      The IT people are the ones who will be in very hot water .. the “illusion of security” online is really what should be put on trial here.

  11. SD, it was Obama who brought the hate. Watch Thomas Sowell talk about the devastating legacy of the Obama presidency.
    Trump would never have been elected without Obama.

    1. agreed. the 2009-10 democrat supremacy in congress way overplayed their hand. we still suffer today from their insane hubris and deaf ear.

      that 2009-2010 majority of senate, house and white house crammed down a full remodel of american society with no effort to sell it to the people except pelosi’s idiotic “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” they didn’t even leave a $20 on the nightstand. people were angry.

      we know now that the major taxed-enough rallies revealed the enormity of the dems folly, and ignited tea party groups around the country. (of course when the initial wave went away the tea parties continued to wrongly act like they still spoke for the many millions but that’s another post.)

      we were left with a congress still doing business like it was the 90s but a rush-limbaugh-fueled army of angry people who wanted their own autarch to match and defeat the dems oligarchy which obama oversaw. rush pointed them to trump and the rest is history.

      nobody wanted the events found in the jan6 report and cheney’s new book – but happen they did and it’s an ongoing shame to everyone involved.

      elections continue to have consequences.

      1. Tea Party has it’s lineage to the John Birch Society aka Tin Foil Hats. All Tin Foil Hatters.

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