SD Political Time Machine: Lora Hubbel elected Chair of SD Constitution Party – July 11, 2016

It’s time for the South Dakota Political Time Machine…

Constitution Party of South Dakota elects
former state representative as new chairwoman

New party officers and 5 candidates nominated for the CP of South Dakota


Kurt Evans won the CP’s nomination for the US Senate at the Constitution Party of South Dakota’s state convention that was held on Saturday, July 9th in Sioux Falls. We are happy to have Kurt back in our party after a long hiatus. He was a delegate to our national convention back in 1996 when the party was still under the original party name of the “US Taxpayers’ Party”. Welcome back Kurt!

Presidential Nominee Darrell Castle joined the convention live via Skype with updates on his campaign and a live Q&A session with the state convention attendees.

Lori Stacey decided not to seek re-election as State Chairman. She had recently been elected as the new Regional Co-Chairman for the 12 Midwestern states at the National Convention which took place in Salt Lake City in April.

Lora Hubbel was elected as the new State Chairman of the Constitution Party of South Dakota! We also elected Joel Bergan as the new State Vice-Chairman. Lori Stacey will serve as State Party Treasurer and Secretary.

As found here, because the SD Constitutional Party removed it from their website here.  But they do make reference to it here.

(Is there a point to this? Don’t worry. It’s going to get funnier….)

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  1. yeesh. that’s the path to victory – or more likely the path to do what Kurt Evans did to John Thune. She’s not a good campaigner but could pull enough votes to play spoiler in ’18.

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