SDRTL Press Release: Abortion numbers continue to fall in South Dakota

Abortion numbers continue to fall in South Dakota

Pierre, SD, December 3, 2015– Recently released 2014 Abortion Statistics, published on the SD Department of Health website, show the number of reported abortions in South Dakota decreased. There were 551 total abortions reported performed in South Dakota in 2014 compared to 601 in 2013.

“These numbers represent fifty more children who now have the opportunity to grow and contribute to our society. While we are encouraged by this trend, our efforts to share the truth through education and legislation must continue until taking an innocent human life becomes unthinkable,” stated Debbie Pease, registered lobbyist for South Dakota Right to Life.

The drop in abortions follows a trend in the United States and is the lowest number reported in SD since 1973. The next lowest number was 597 abortions in 2011. The highest number ever reported in SD was 1,693 abortions in 1982.

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13 thoughts on “SDRTL Press Release: Abortion numbers continue to fall in South Dakota”

  1. Excellent news! Fewer abortions means that there were fewer unwanted pregnancies. If only there was an organization out there that was providing quality and affordable family planning, reproductive health care services and education to millions of women. An organization like that who could achieve the goal of reducing abortions would be in the public interest, wouldn’t it?

    1. Even with the reduced numbers, the Planned Parenthood facility in Sioux Falls still sells more than $300,000 worth of abortions per year. Abortion is a key part of their business model outside of ripping off the government and unwitting charities. They get you in the door with tax payer subsidized contraception waiting for it to fail: abortion number one $, abortion number two $$, abortion number three $$$…

      1. That’s nice. Now, would you care to address the actual point that free/cheap birth control reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies and therefore the number of abortions?

        1. Why should everybody get everything for free? Oh, wait-that is the democrat way. Nobody should have any responsibility. Move out to California, harebrain, and then you can live in your type of Utopia.

          1. So the fire department should only put out fires where the people can pay for their services. Got it.

          2. “Why should everybody get everything for free?”— Why do you want more unwanted pregnancies = more abortions?

      2. Abortion is 3% of services offered by PP…and you are right patients pay for abortions, would you rather they be “free”?

    2. Do you have any statistics to back up your statement on the number of unwanted pregnancies or are you just making an unsupported statement that fits the socialist/democrat/progressive story line? I thought so.

      There are a lot of groups out there providing health services to women that don’t also traffic in baby parts and practice wholesale slaughter of unborn babies. I guess you support that kind of thing though, harebrain.

      1. Swing and a miss, PC.

        • Publicly funded family planning services help women to avoid pregnancies they do not want and to plan pregnancies they do. In 2013, these services helped women avoid 2 million unintended pregnancies, which would likely have resulted in about 1 million unplanned births and nearly 700,000 abortions.

      2. Do you and yours EVER have anything to support your claims? I have never seen ONE instance of that here. What I mostly see is the continuation of debunked lies by those faux-lifers that are only pro-birth….and oppose anything that might reduce the number of abortions

  2. 50 more kids alive? That assumes that there wasn’t a reduction in unwanted pregnancies and that the same exact number of women got pregnant in South Dakota this year as last. This release is pure bunk. Why does anyone listen to what this ridiculous organization has to say.

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