SDSU Prof: Hubbel, LaFleur don’t stand a chance, Sutton as well

From the SDSU Collegian:

Compared to the other two GOP candidates in the race, Wiltse said former state legislator Lora Hubbel and attorney Terry LaFleur “don’t really stand a chance.” This is because of the lack experience in government and funding for their campaigns compared to Jackley’s and Noem’s, according to Wiltse.


Wiltse said Sutton running as a Democratic candidate alone is enough of a determining factor that he has no shot at winning the election.

“There’s no Democrats here. We haven’t had a Democrat in the governor’s mansion in about 35 years or so,” Wiltse said. “It’s just so overwhelmingly Republican here.”

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5 thoughts on “SDSU Prof: Hubbel, LaFleur don’t stand a chance, Sutton as well”

  1. They should both drop out.

    They have no chance of winning or effecting the race….if they had one and drove it home fine; but Lora is all over the place with no credibility and Mr. LaFleaur seems nice enough but a 15% state income tax, sorry he is in the wrong party.

    Save yourself the embarrassment of not getting the signatures

    1. He suggested a 15% state income tax! So long, Terry! That is one big draw of South Dakota; why don’t we also make Sioux Falls a sanctuary city like Minneapolis and then elect a former wrestler as governor and a former SNL clown as a senate clown?

  2. So the college professor has stated the obvious. The front-running, well-financed candidates are likely to win the GOP primary for governor, and the lesser known and less well-financed candidates are likely to lose. The Democrat is unlikely to win the general election because there are more registered GOP voters and our state hasn’t had a Democratic governor in 40 years.

    Those predictions aren’t just safe, they’re almost immortal and universally applicable.

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