12 thoughts on “SDSU Republicans at Hobo Day”

  1. Speaking of potential candidates, it looks like Dusty Johnson really stepped in it last night at the Governor’s Hunt banquet while serving as the emcee. I was in the back and didn’t hear the whole joke but something with Mike Huether’s colonoscopy, Steve Westra and the word “butthole”. It caused enough stir (and from what I heard, a bunch of angry texts to Dusty’s phone) that Dusty delivered an uncomfortable apology from the podium later in the evening. Did anyone hear the whole thing?

    1. I don’t think mocking Huether will seriously hurt Republicans. He should get used to more of the same if he wants to be a big boy politician.

      1. you mean the battle for the basement dwellers? Has the AG’s office contacted you yet on your petitions? Keep checking that mailbox.

    1. Ravnsborg will most likely be running for Attorney General when Jackley is term-limited in 2018. He is honest, hard-working, conservative, a veteran, and has a law degree. I think he would do an excellent job as the State’s chief law enforcement officer.

      1. He’s a former A-10 Warthog pilot that flew sorties in Iraq right? I remember the cool campaign photos for US Senate.

  2. The word at the Gov’s hunt was that Kristie is definitely in for the 2018 Governor’s race. She is contacting contributors and telling them she is getting a lot of encouragement to run.

  3. I was at the Hunt. Dusty didn’t uncomfortably apologize. He reminded everyone that this was all in fun. He doubled down and the next night went after the Argus Leader, Jeff Erickson, Larry Pressler, and others. The crowd seemed to love it.

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