19 thoughts on “Senate approves calling special session”

  1. To keep in context, the House requested that the legislature come into special session for the House to address this issue that is constitutionally, at the initial stage, a House issue. The Senate has accommodated .
    Nobody should read those 24 agreements as meaning support or opposition for anything other than the House being able to gavel in.

  2. I can not think of anything I could vote for which would embarrass me more than giving this impeachment any credence.

    If it wasn’t a serious affront to elections and the people’s expression, I would laugh. Instead, I want to puke.

  3. I read of an accident recently on I-29 resulting in a pedestrian killed–I don’t know the circumstances but no charges filed. Why not? In the case of impeachment–impeach at your peril. Any public offic in the future guilty of a misdemeanor would now be subject to calls for impeachment. Do we want impeachment as a political weapon as it was in the Federal Congress, then have at it, but beware the consequences.

  4. Jason needs to realize that resigning in disgrace is WAY better than getting impeached in disgrace. He is an embarrassment.

    1. So I guess you must be part of the governor’s crew writing the same hate messages on any post about Ravnsborg with ZERO substance to it. Ravnsborg has done nothing disgraceful or impeachable. In fact, I would argue he has been and continues to be one of the hardest working AGs we have had in South Dakota for a while. His record shows tons of accomplishments.

      So instead of coming on here with your hate, either bring some kind of substance to why you dislike Ravnsborg so much or leave the discussion to the big boys and girls on here.

      1. I didn’t like him in the election because I felt he was unqualified especially compared to Seiler. Then he went and killed Joe Boever and celebrated his place in the SD Gov Hall of Shame.

        1. So then why is he not qualified? That argument was put to rest a long time ago as he was more qualified than Seiler by far. Did seiler have leadership or management experience, Nope. Ravnsborg is a decorated active-duty officer that has commanded and managed 1,000s of soliders.

          Secondly, he didn’t kill Joe. That was ruled an accident so that argument was put to rests months ago.

          You may not personally not like him but you don’t have anything to support that Ravnsborg is unqualified or killed anyone. So again, I say only comment when you have something to support your argument. Or, stick to single sentence options you don’t like him, that is everyone’s personal choice.

          1. Jason disqualified himself by my standards based on one position. We need to build more prisons. He is a meat head who killed a person because he couldn’t keep his vehicle in the driving lane.

    2. In your opinion he is a embarrassment, but he is and has been doing good work for the State of South Dakota.

      Tim Johnson, Tom Daschle, Nick Nemec, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Lyndon Johnson, Bernie Sanders, Eric Swalwell, London Breed, Lori LIghtfoot-now there are a list of embarrassments.

  5. Ohhhh this is going to be good. If this rises to the level of an impeachable offense there are other, current legislators that have recent skeletons in their closets.

  6. well that is just it, none of this rises to an impeachable offense

    It is just a power play by the Governor to get her own pick

    1. Anything is impeachable if enough people agree, right?

      It can be both a power play by Gov and he also deserves to lose his elected position.

      1. Yes, look at what happened to President Trump and what is NOT happening to the idiot Biden. Stupid people can make stupid decisions for reasons other than fairness, justice, and the good of the country/state.

          1. Trump was impeached by democrats for political reasons, Noem is taking a page out of democrats playbook by pushing for the impeachment of Ravnsborg for no supportive reasons.

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