Senate GOP Caucus to meet May 9th; President Pro Temp Corey Brown to seek Maj. Leader position.

After an unexpected void was created in South Dakota GOP Senate Leadership by the twin resignations of Assistant Majority Leader Dan Lederman, and Majority Leader Tim Rave a day later, many have been have been wondering who is going to take the reins, and when the decision is going to be made.

Well, wait no more.  The word I’m getting is that the Republican Senators are tentatively planning to caucus in about 2 1/2 weeks on May 9th to choose who will assume those positions.

brownAnd, while the list of those who are running is still rumbling quietly, one of those I’ve been able to confirm will be running is President Pro Temp Corey Brown who will be seeking the Senate Majority Leader position.

In my mind, that’s actually the best of all scenarios, allowing an experienced hand to manage caucus affairs while bringing others who might  be in whip positions up to speed to be ready to lead the following year. It sounds as if the decision was made with a bit of reluctance, as Brown noted to me that “it wasn’t an easy decision,” but serving in the majority leader role is “better for the caucus.”

We’ll find out who else might be running, and how the caucus will reconfigure in the coming days. So, keep your bookmarks at SDWC for the latest on what’s happening in caucus elections!

23 thoughts on “Senate GOP Caucus to meet May 9th; President Pro Temp Corey Brown to seek Maj. Leader position.”

  1. Brown is one of those guys you will never out work; and you’ll be humbled if you try out thinking him.

    1. No one is smarter than Brown. He could easily be a darkhorse for governor or a top tier LG pick.

      SD is lucky to have his service.

      1. Corey Brown is more god than man.

        Is there anyone better equipped to pull up the drawbridge and keep those pesky peasants from interfering with the exercise of government power?

        1. Compared to some of the people who serve in the house and senate caucuses one could easily make that comparison seem accurate.

          There are good conservative legislators and there are good Democrat legislators. There are also people like Laterell.

          1. In terms of integrity, Isaac Latterell could drop Fat Pat and the Round Mound of Brown into his eye and not blink.

            1. I don’t know what that means but my sister told me he was rejected 3 times in a row by the voters in Aberdeen before he moved to Sioux Falls and won a primary by smearing his pro-life opponent as pro-choice in order to win a primary. Lying is not very Christian and that is what Latterell likes to be seen as.

              Aberdeen now has Dan Kaiser serving because he is a serious person who does what he thinks is right. Latterell lost in ’06-’10 and Kaiser won in ’12 in the same town. The voters reward competency.

              The ottens are good legislators.

  2. Brown is the best. He’s just awesome.

    This is a step down for him but he’s doing what’s best for the caucus.

    I would recommend Holien run for assistant leader for one year and then take browns spot as leader.

    White or soholt would be good presidents.

  3. Brown will be OK as leader, but it makes me wonder who will be President pro tem. I don’t agree with the suggestions of White or Soholt. That person assigns the bills to committee as well as appoints members to committees, plus presides over the chamber if the Lt Gov is ever absent. Jean Hunhof had run against Brown for that position 3 years ago and lost, but she’s now in the House. It’s a big responsibility. The people I think of who have the experience and character for the job would be Tieszen, Van Gerpen, Vehle, or Greenfield.

  4. Jeff Monroe should run for protem. The future of the party is Jenna Haggar, I think one year as Browns assistant will prepare her for the big chair until she serves out her term or runs for higher office.

  5. Jenna Haggar will never be elected to a statewide office. She has terrible judgment. She is dating Isaac latteral. Which constitutes terrible judgment.

  6. I’ve been impressed with the leadership of both parties. Brown, Rave and Lederman did a good job for the GOP and so did Frerichs, Bartling and Hunhoff on the Dems side. Really nice hard working South Dakotans.

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