Senator John Thune scores 100% on Americans for Prosperity scorecard.

United States Senator John Thune received a nice recognition today from Americans for Prosperity as he scored 100% on their most recent scorecard for voting in the United States Senate.

Read more about it here.

11 thoughts on “Senator John Thune scores 100% on Americans for Prosperity scorecard.”

  1. Roughly the equivalent of being the best hockey player in Ecuador. AFP is fast becoming irrelevant. Soz, Koch Bros! This is the modern day version of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster slipping its chains and running amok in the countryside.

    Make America Great Again!

    1. crossgrain, Do you think that if you say it or wish it often enough that AFP will actually become irrelevant? Or is everyone who reads it supposed to think, “Well, if crossgrain says or writes it, it must be true.” [By the way, fast is an adjective. Quickly is the adverb that you should have used in your tantrum. To quote Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does.”]

  2. Our group really appreciates the effort that Senator Thune puts into serving our state and country. Whenever he has the time, John is always eager to stop by and visit our group, and he brings such nice deserts to share when we have our egg coffees. Truly a great patriot, and the best US Senator South Dakota has ever had. As for AFP, our group proudly supports their cause, and we just sent them a donation for their efforts in fighting Medicaid expansion. Fighting gun control, fighting abortion, fighting corporate taxes, fighting environmental regulations, standing up for coal, fighting for industry friendly judges, fighting minimum wage increases, we find the values of the AFP to be the same great causes of the Jon Birch societies of yesterday. If you get a chance, sign up to get the AFP special printbof Atlas Shrugged. We have been reading it, and boy is that book true. I digress, keep up the good work John!

  3. Let me get this straight, we think being owned by corporate interests is a good thing? John Thune is as far from the regular South Dakotan as there can be! I think he found his spot, a lobbyist in DC.

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