Senator Thune reportedly endorsing Sen. Tim Scott for President

From Politico, US Senator John Thune is reportedly endorsing US Senator Tim Scott’s Presidential Campaign:

Sen. John Thune, the Senate’s No. 2 Republican, is endorsing the presidential campaign of Sen. Tim Scott, according to a person familiar with his plans.

The South Dakota senator will appear at Scott’s presidential launch on Monday in South Carolina, the person said. Scott will announce his presidential run on Monday in North Charleston and has already launched an ad blitz.

In backing Scott, the Senate minority whip becomes the highest-ranking congressional Republican to back the South Carolina senator. And he joins his South Dakota colleague Sen. Mike Rounds in backing Scott, who is popular among Senate Republicans. Some members of House leadership have already indicated they support former President Donald Trump’s campaign

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19 thoughts on “Senator Thune reportedly endorsing Sen. Tim Scott for President”

  1. Tim Scott is a great guy but not presidential material. Why not endorse Trump or Desantis who actually have a chance of winning. This is only fanning the flames of party disunity!

    1. DeSantis could never win. He’s completely anti-business and shuts down anyone who dares disagree with him. DeSantis is a liberal masquerading as a Republican to gain power…something lots of “Republicans” in Pierre do. RINO RINO RINO

      1. Yeah, no. He is a far right republican through and through. DeSantis and other far right “true republicans” don’t give a crap about the first amendment, have no issues with businesses price gouging people (see Florida insurance rates), love shoving culture wars down out throats, and have no interest in actually governing.

    2. Because the last time the early front runner for the GOP nomination actually won the nomination we GWB in 2004. Every other cycle someone from the back has knocked off the early favorite. Trump also is completely toxic to any independent moderate voters, especially after his childish insistence that 2020 was stolen from him.

  2. Who gives a rip about a Thune endorsement. He has been useless in the Senate. Maybe he should just do the job we pay him for instead of trying to influence who we vote for.

    1. I’m pretty sure his endorsement of Scott doesn’t work for you. But for those who feel Senators Thune and Rounds are good men with good judgment of integrity and skills, this endorsement is very significant. I’ve never met any of the candidates purported to be running for President and likely never will. But, I’ve met and trust both my Senators, even though I don’t always agree with them on every issue. This endorsement isn’t definitive for who I’ll support but it is significant.

      1. Thank you! John and Mike have our pulse of the Republican Party and SD!

        1. Unfortunately I think time will tell the ugly brand of Trump-DeSantis is the mainstream in both the state and national GOP.

          1. How much longer do you need? Trump/DeSantis types have been the mainstream of the party for over 7 years.

  3. It’s a resignation of sorts.

    He doesn’t want to play anymore?

    Signifies distrust and internal strife among his team?

    1. Lol what kind of crack are you in thinking that this somehow signals disorder and strife.

  4. Thune and Trump – practically in lock step!?

    Trump supports and is cordial with Tim in “getting opportunity zones done”. Are those the same opportunity zones that were on/at the borders of ANTIFA/BLM destruction?

  5. They are closing in on Donald Trump in the same way that the Milky Way Galaxy is closing in on Planet Earth. The threat ahead is similar to methane emissions of cattle and pigs upon the survival of the planet. The choice is simple — resign your freedom of speech and health alternatives, or risk it all in reckless abandon on a whimsical notion that you are most likely being fed a load of crap.

    All things considered — Trump 2024!

    1. Trump didn’t to anything for health care or freedom of speech. My health alternatives are who my insurance provider approves of. I don’t really see the difference between Avera Health Plans dictating my health care and government, other than the South Dakota Avera executives earning $600,000-$1.8 million/year (10 times median household income for hard working South Dakotans). I waited 2 months to get care when I had horrible back pain, just in case it was something serious, because even though I pay $800/month for coverage I still have a $5,000 deductible before they pay for anything.

      As far as freedom of speech, its the Trump wannabe, DeSantis, that is taking books out of schools and retaliating against Disney for their CEO for speaking against him. Show me a moderate republican that is taking speech away.

      1. re: desantis – we haven’t had a presidential candidate play this much to a moral majority since jerry falwell’s day. trump’s fan club is a clear sign to everyone that the current crop of conservatives isn’t in it for morality, they want to help trump get revenge on his enemies, some of which are their enemies too. very simple. probably the simplest thing ever. yuge.

  6. Don’t mind me, I’m just a lowly Independent registered voter – stittin’ here munching on my popcorn. Thinking this is going to be the crap show of all crap shows.. After all, they kinda signed up for this. Pandora’s box is open on hate, division and nastiness – let the good times roll…

    *munches on more popcorn*

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