So, exactly how many of Billie’s positions is the Sutton campaign going to have to clarify?

As I was pointing out in my post about the Mercer article below, Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton was fairly quiet about running as a Democrat. And in fact, went to the GOP State Fair booth because no one was really hanging out at the Democrats’ shrine to liberalism at our state fair.

The bottom line is that his strategy seems to be ‘don’t tell anyone he’s a Democrat, and try to look like a Republican.’ But the problem with that is that cracks in the ‘ambiguity’ of his views seem to be showing.

A while back, we pointed out that the pro-pot crusaders consider him to be on their side….

…but everyone seems somewhat secretive about it.

And after the article below, a reader brought this recent item to my attention:

So, Democrats need ‘updates’ on Sutton’s position on abortion?

At this point, Sutton apparently has ambiguous positions on pot and abortion. So, on exactly how many of his positions does Billie’s campaign handlers plan on having to clarify when it comes to what he believes?

And does he intend to make it clear where he stands, or is he going to be squishy on the issues for the entire election?

71 thoughts on “So, exactly how many of Billie’s positions is the Sutton campaign going to have to clarify?”

  1. Disgusting…she had really good things to say about ripping babies from their mother’s womb. Living Blue is correct, if Sutton chooses to support abortion he will lose his funding and many people that would consider voting for him. Democrats hate the right to life.

    VoteSmart says Sutton received 100% rating from SDRL in 2015-2016? Maybe he’s been convinced that a baby is just a “blob of cells”?

  2. So is he just going to speak out of both sides of his mouth? How can someone have a 100% from SD Right to Life but then his wife have “really good things to say” (in the eyes of an ultra-liberal) about his position on abortion? Those two don’t match up.

  3. I am willing to bet that every vote that Sutton cast for life was a meaningless one because the bills in question were either going to die or pass with or without his vote because a significant majority of the legislators are actually pro-life. Therefore, he could claim to be pro-life in public and reassure the pro-abortion people in private. Sutton is a slick politician through and through, but if he is elected governor, he will be able to act on his true beliefs. The story regarding his votes concerning 2nd Amendment rights is probably the same. Pat is correct: Sutton is going to try to portray himself, as he has in the past, as a moderate conservative. I pray that Sutton will not succeed in fooling enough people to get elected. Everyone needs to shout it from every rooftop: Sutton is a liberal in conservative (i.e. ranch hand) clothing.

    1. And how many R’s vote pro-life just because of the threat of postcards? There once was a conversation the hall….influential R told a pro-life R to hold back on the ‘pro-life’ bills…they just caused problems.

  4. The other candidates are also fooling people too. The only pro-life candidate in the race is Lora Hubbel.

          1. No, she is not 100% pro-life….If you prove me wrong, I will give $2,000 to her campaign. If I am right, you contribute $2,000 to Lora Hubbel’s campaign….any takers?

            1. No one is going to make a bet like that so don’t waste everyone’s time with that nonsense. If you have actual evidence that any of the candidates are misrepresenting their position on abortion, put it forward for all of us to see. Until you can do that you’re just making noise.

              P.S. Saying “Lora Hubbel is the only pro-life candidate does not constitute providing evidence, so you’re going to have to try a little harder.

              I’ll also just leave this here for some light reading. I especially enjoyed the part where they reference her 100% pro-life voting record.

            2. Tara,

              How can I be a winner? Either you give to Lora or I give to Lora. Either is worse than nobody giving to her in my mind.

  5. I’d like to hear Sutton indicate why he is a Democrat; what Democrat positions does he support? That should just about put the kibosh on his chances of getting elected.

  6. Both Noem and Jackley will attend the annual South Dakota Right to Life Convention on September 23rd. Sutton was also invited but had a conflict. I plan to contact him to ask if he would like to prepare a statement to be read.

    1. Has Lora been invited Fred……They would have endorse her if they are truly pro-life. But maybe they put politics over life.

      1. Tara, I think they want serious candidates…not fringe completely un-electable candidates like Lora.

  7. I assume Bilie is sincerely pro-life. His father was too if I recall.

    It is a credit to his character.

    1. Why won’t the Christian Prayer Coalition let Billie and Lora give their testimony on Sept 21st? at their prayer luncheon? Christians should welcome everybody, shouldn’t they?

  8. So let me get your political strategy right. You fear a Sutton candidacy for governor, so you are hoping to divide and conquer the Democrats and any momentum they may have for the 2018 gubernatorial race, especially if Noem loses the GOP primary, on the abortion issue, huh?

    But there is just one problem with that, well, in addition to reading your strategy on a wall for all to see, and that is what Pelosi said this past year:

    WPO 05/02/17

    “This is the Democratic Party. This is not a rubber-stamp party,” Pelosi said in an interview with Washington Post reporters.

    “I grew up Nancy D’Alesandro, in Baltimore, Maryland; in Little Italy; in a very devout Catholic family; fiercely patriotic; proud of our town and heritage, and staunchly Democratic,” she added, referring to the fact that she is the daughter and sister of former mayors of that city. “Most of those people — my family, extended family — are not pro-choice. You think I’m kicking them out of the Democratic Party?”

    1. EC – Who said anything about being scared? The only people that fear the DNC are unborn babies especially those in Black and Hispanic communities.

      Democrats do a well enough job of dividing themselves, have you seen the way they treat Miranda?

      DNC chair, Perez says, “Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health. That is not negotiable and should not change city to city or state by state.” If you are a pro-life Democrat you are not allowed in the party and if you are running for office, you will no longer receive funding.

      Did you read the post from Living Blue…”in order to not lose funding from democrats.”

      1. Scared? This blog piece speaks loudly of the real intent.

        Why do we need to divide “unborn babies” between races?

        Say what you want about Democratic division, it is apparently not enough given the necessity of this blog piece.

        Your Perez comment merely gives credence to my allege intent of this blog piece and the GOP comments above…. I guess I am a Pelosi Democrat and not a Perez Democrat…. 😉

        As far as “Living Blue,” those comments only further prove my point about this blog piece and the ensuing discussion….. Democrats will run with Pelosi while the GOP opines over Perez and attempts to resurrect his comments…..

        1. Abortion is taking the life of an unborn baby, it is evil and we all know it. Mothers weep and their lives slip into darkness because of the emotional trauma they incur after willingly killing their baby. Many times, after abortion procedures, women are also physically damaged and many young women die. Most recently Keisha Atkins.

          If Sutton is going to support abortion, he is cutting people off from the left and right. The DNC is pressuring him to make a choice and they will not give him any funding if he chooses life. Democrats are very clear about their stand on abortion: it should be on-demand, that’s a 9month-old baby they’re okay with allowing to be killed, do you know about that? They are clear about kicking pro-life Democrats out of the party and it’s disgusting.

          Thankfully SDWC reports information the public would otherwise never be exposed to.

          #adoption not abortion

          1. Abortion is a moral issue and not a political issue…. And as far as your 9 month claim, well, actually that was never legalized under Roe v. Wade…. Roe only legalized abortion in the first trimester…. I am not sure where your 9 month claim is coming from….


            1. EC – PlannedParenthood certainly sees abortion as a political issue.

              Here, let me do some research for you…

              Albuquerque, NW (SWO), the largest abortion mill in the US openly specializes in killing the unborn throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

              Have you ever heard of Kermit Gosnell.

              79% of all PP’s are located in walking distance of Black or Hispanic neighborhoods.

              Center for Medical Progress has exposed PP abortionists describing how difficult it is for them to remove a baby’s crushed skull, you must be careful to not get cut.

              Again, if Sutton supports this evil he will most certainly alienate himself from potential voters. I wonder why he won’t be attending SDRL convention, oh that’s right a scheduling issue…sure.

                1. Anon 10:02 – Yep, there are videos of what Sanger has said, but the left denies her and what she promoted.

                  Project Veritas made a recording of calling PP’s and asking to make a donation specifically for minority women wanting to get an abortion because affirmative action is stopping his kid from succeeding.

                  The PP reps are all about taking that money. Check it out online, it’s disturbing.

                  There’s another phone recording of PP not scheduling ultra-sounds unless women plan to get an abortion. Talk about pro-women’s health.

              1. PP sees it as a political issue, because the Pro-Life movement has made it a political issue. The PP has no choice (no pun intended).

                So you are saying that NM is doing something that Roe didn’t legalize? Or, are you saying that NM has the most liberal abortion laws in the country. Or better yet, are you confusing routine abortion procedures with procedures to save the life of the mother?

                PP specializes in women’s health in poor areas. That is why they are “in walking distance.”

                Your CMP claim suggests another example of you ignoring procedures to save the lives of mothers.

                Sutton probably understands that abortion is a moral issue and not a political issue.

                What I don’t understand, though, is when are so many who claim to be pro-life going to start being pro-health care? It seems to me that life doesn’t end when you exit the womb, rather it starts until you meet your tomb…

                1. EC – Weak…

                  procedures to save the life of mothers…sick.

                  Closing your eyes to the reality of abortion and PP, doesn’t make it go away.

                  1. KM,

                    I hate abortion as much as you. But I trust women. And I believe that people, like women, create states. States do not create people and a state which can say “no” to an abortion is a state which is empowered to potentially demand an abortion…

                    If South Dakota Republicans are such great “Pro-Lifers,” then why do they struggle to support or say “no” to Medicaid extension for the working poor in this state? Is not health care a pro-life issue?

                    1. EC – No, you don’t. I’m doubting you have ever had a conversation with a woman who has taken their child’s life. Many women keep that a secret. It is unbelievable what pain they’re dealing with, well most turn to alcohol and drugs to attempt not to have to deal with it.

                      Abortion is not health care. You should resist commenting on this issue, you have very weak statements.

            2. Listen to the Democrats and you’ll see where the 9 months is coming from. Those who are all-in pro-death want it to be available up till the time the baby is born, which is absolutely abhorrent and sick. Heck, abortion at conception is abhorrent and sick!

              1. I am responding to KM and not Anonymous here:

                Let’s keep sweeping generalities out of this debate. And as far as your assumption, well, I actually I have talked to women who had an abortion before. And actually, your comments further prove how abortion should only be a moral issue and not a political issue… #trustwomen

                And actually abortion is a health care issue. When the life of the mother is in jeopardy, how is that not health care? How is the procedure itself regardless, not health care? A hanger, however, I would agree is not health care or an appropriate form of health care…..

                Oh, and I trust that “Anonymous” supports expansion of Medicaid too…. (Yah, right……)

                1. No, you haven’t or your comments would not be as out of touch as they are.

                  Young girls are manipulated by PlannedParenthood and other people much like yourself. Ahh, the coat hanger argument…weak.

                  Do you know the number of women who receive abortions to save their lives? Or how about the suicide rate for women who have had an abortion? No, you don’t…weak.

                  Abortion is not health care. Adoption not Abortion.

                  1. But can’t your arguments be made from a moral perspective without being political?

                    I am all for adoption too….

            3. All these candidates that campaign and raise money to get elected on the pro life issue, I question their sincerity.

            1. Tara, that is a complete lie and what’s worse is you know it and yet you keep repeating it. Both Kristi and Marty have done more to stand up for the unborn than Lora ever has or ever will.

                1. Has Lora found a way to raise the dead? Is that her advantage of being more pro-life than the others?

                  1. Ha Ha…..not yet. I only bring pro-life up because you aren’t being 100% truthful. Just want to set the record straight. Education…….

                    1. Is Lora working on it as one of her projects to raise the dead? I know of some grumpy people that should stay dead. They were not happy in life.

            2. Uh, wrong, TV. You sure seem to be beating the drum hard for Hubbel even though she doesn’t have a snow cone’s chance in Hades of winning an elected office. I bet you root for the Cleveland Browns, too!

              Oh, but since you put “period” at the end of your post, that MUST mean it’s true!

              1. Actually I rooted for Trump the moment he announced when he was only in single digit. The SD R establishment gave him no chance. I like the underdog.

                  1. She is going to kill her opponents on the issues, just like Bannon killed it last night on 60 Minutes.

        2. Pelosi is as bad as Perez when it comes right down to it, and the Democrat party-with some exceptions- is going way left. How did Perez become the head of the DNC if he is not reflective of the Democrat party’s actual direction? Oh, and Pelosi should not misspeak-it’s the “Democrat” party, not the “Democratic” party.

          1. I’m not sure that “rule” applies to party leadership positions or we would still be referencing Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

            *feeds troll*

            1. Tara’s argument fails yet again as it said nothing about senator it said Majority leader…clearly he is not the majority leader and hasn’t been since 2015.

  9. The actual toll of abortion is subject to racial bias. I don’t want to look up the exact figures all over again, but they go something like this: blacks make up 13% of the population but black women get 40% of the abortions. Whites make up almost 80% of the population but white women get 50% of the abortions. Of the white women having abortions, it can be surmised that not all of them are aborting white babies.
    This is suggested by the oft-stated claim that “poor women need abortions” plus the US Census data that of all the women aged 15-35 living below the FPL, only 12% of them are white women living in all-white households. The other 88% have non-white partners or children living with them.

    So yes, it’s a racial issue. Most aborted babies are not white. This is good news for Nazis.

    1. Anne – Exactly, the statistics are available for all to see.

      I was surely hoping to keep interest in Sutton, but not anymore. I can’t imagine a mother talking to Living Blue about “good things” when it comes to abortion. My door has been shut to the Sutton campaign and I will surely be including this post in my conversations with family and friends.

        1. Steve – I read through some of the article and bookmarked it. I also hit up your blog;) Identity politics is drowning the Democrats, but they refuse to stop it. When someone on their side points out some issues with their thought process, they then become shunned and bullied. It’s sad.

  10. Tara,

    Is Lora against assisted suicide? Against the death penalty? For some of us, pro-life is about protection of life from conception to natural death.

  11. Tara, not that anyone is keeping track but you have over 40% of there posts on this thread.

    Different thoughts or points? Pretty repetitive. Just saying.

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