So in which race will Tom Pischke land? *Updated*

Heard an interesting tidbit at the campaign school today.

I’m told State Rep. Tom Pischke is carrying 2 petitions for himself; one for retaining his seat in the House, and another to run in the State Senate.

The Senate petition would pit him in a 3 way primary against incumbent Senator Marsha Symens and challenger Lisa Rave.

It’s a bumpy ride with more than a month to go…



Despite reports that Rep. Pischke is carrying petitions for two offices, House & Senate, apparently he’s turned in for the House race today.

But, at least until 3/29, that still leaves him the option of withdrawing from the House race, and turning in petitions for another office.

9 thoughts on “So in which race will Tom Pischke land? *Updated*”

    1. if she’s not running why was I circulating a petition for her?

      Did she have a sudden change of plans?

    1. I think the new borders could benefit Tom. The other two reps in that district, Marsha and Jon represent the religious school crowd of extremists and ignore the rest. Not sure how the new area will overlay.

    1. Symens is likable. Pischke is a putz.

      If Tom gets into the race, it will be much easier for Rave to raise money.

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