Sometimes you should know your audience before you open your mouth.

From yesterday’s press conference..

In a signed victim impact statement and affidavit of senator in support of prosecution, Pischke wrote he believed Frye-Mueller’s suspension was in violation of state law by “preventing a legislator from attending or voting.” The violation is a class two misdemeanor.


“I’m asking today officially the States Attorney of Hughes County to investigate this matter,” Pischke said in a press conference to reporters Thursday.

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From LinkedIn…

I’m kind of thinking that the Hughes County States Attorney is the last person they want to send a complaint over to that involves a legislator (Julie Frye Mueller) being awful to a LRC employee. She’s probably had more than her share of exposure to bad legislators.

(I did hear that she’s referring it to the Pierre Police Dept, as she is related to one of the twenty seven legislators named in the action. Probably another audience who has had their share of legislators when they act badly.)

6 thoughts on “Sometimes you should know your audience before you open your mouth.”

  1. If Americans actually knew their real history, they would be ashamed of the direction of America today, both the Republican and Democrat Parties have progressively moved American over the past 150 years back to a Path to a Plutocracy. What if you knew both white and black people were forced to come to the new country as indentured servants, considered to be Great Britain’s street brats, bums, and riff-raff.

    Sadly, many people do not know this early history of how Great Britain shipped people to the new world on ships, with the intent to enslave them to the corporate colonial development of America.

    It was not until the Church led by the Pastors and their Congregations stood up, and fought to give back to the people their natural right to live and prosper on the land.

    Why is it, that we are told that one class of people deserve restitution for a life of enslavement, but yet the freed blacks became proprietary slave owners themselves Slavery was not a white or black issue, it was a world economic issue. But we are not told this, cause the powers at-large want to keep us dumb-downed, and divided.

    Sadly, both the Republican and Democrat Party’s today, are leading us back to a Plutocracy, back to the indentured enslavement of classes of people, back to the old lord and peasant type of system.

    While all of you are so torn between which political party you want to be part of, what is most sad, is the fact that no one is actually teaching us the real history of America.

    The truth is, between 1500 to 1700 both the white people and black people were brought here to be enslaved to the Colonial Incorporation to not benefit Americans, but to benefit the King, the Queen, the Monarchy, and the British upper class themselves.

    Wake Up South Dakota, you are being fooled into believing the Republican and Democrat Party’s care about your individual and natural rights, they both want to enslave you.

    1. if you didn’t learn the difference between european indentured servitude and the forced slavery of kidnapped africans, home schooling ain’t what it’s cracked up to be in some homes i guess.

      1. i didnt know the headline of this article would have a double meaning here in the comments section.

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