SOS Steve Barnett Finalist for Benson, Minnesota City Manager position

Outgoing Secretary of State Steve Barnett appears to be landing on his feet, and is reported to be a finalist for City Manager in Benson, Minnesota:

Current South Dakota Secretary of State Steve Barnett is one of three finalists for the job of Benson City Manager. According to The Swift County Monitor News, Barnett is in the running for the job, along with outgoing Olivia City Administrator Dan Coughlin and Clarkfield City Administrator Christopher Webb.

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The last note on salary was $106,280 in 2021, with reports that the job market was forcing the city to offer a higher salary to attract candidates.

Benson is a town of about 3500 between Milbank, SD and Willmar, MN.

15 thoughts on “SOS Steve Barnett Finalist for Benson, Minnesota City Manager position”

  1. This town, named Benson, is really plucking plum apple on this one. Mr. Barnett is probably one of the most lucrative fellows out there in the free agent Government pool. They say towns in Minnesota pay huge, huge bonuses, to get fellows like Mr. Barnett.

    1. You can’t pay “bonuses” to government officials in Minnesota. However, yes, positions of this in small communities of 2,000+ can exceed $100,000 easily.

      Had I knew Barnett had interest in this work, I’d encourage my city to go after him. There is a total lack of talent of city managers it seems.

    1. I mean no disrespect, but the state of South Dakota’s election infrastructure tell a much different story.

      The SOS couldn’t even produce an accurate inventory of county level voting machines, and most certainly did NOT have the IT skills to run a mission critical IS network.

    1. This is what happen when we court crazies for a coalition. Maybe you can keep them under control for a while, but now *gestures at Monae Johnson, Mike Z and John Dale*, you lose control of the crazy. One does fake legal filings on DWC, one has a lunatic podcast, and the other is likely to be the next SoS. Quite a marketplace of ideas we got here.

      Minnesota’s gain is our loss.

      1. Do you really want to go down the road of “courting crazies” when it comes to what has become the democrats and their fan club?

      2. After I educate local traditional Republicans about how the crazy fringe right has migrated or come to power in South Dakota they tell me we should send all our nutballs and losers to South Dakota. They refer to South Dakota as a dumping ground while we work to recruit talent from the state. Tell them they can have their free dumb in South Dakota.

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