South Dakota Democrats’ “bleak” outlook for 2016

In today’s Argus, political reporter Dana Ferguson was making note of the dire straits the South Dakota Democrat party faces in upcoming elections, as Dems try to put a happy face on it.

The deficiencies raise questions about whether the party has enough of an organization in place to be a factor in Pierre or next year’s statewide elections.

“The Democratic party is shrinking. It’s dismal,” said Jeff Barth, Minnehaha County Commissioner and former Minnehaha County Democratic Party Chairman.


The percentage of registered Democratic voters has gradually slipped away since 1978 when Democrats held a slight majority over Republicans. That was the only time in recent history that South Dakota Democrats outnumbered Republicans in a general election.

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I believe a subheading the Argus used in the article involved the word “bleak.”

4 thoughts on “South Dakota Democrats’ “bleak” outlook for 2016”

  1. Jeff Barth was the Chairman the SDDP needed.

    Tornberg is a terrible Chair. She should be fired for her incompetence and lack of ability to announce a candidate to challenge John Thune.

    1. It wouldn’t really matter. Many of the more sane, balanced and good people that would have put in the grunt work, potential candidates and would have donated have moved on.

  2. According to the article the “republican” Governor is advocating their issues and corruption in government, so they may benefit because their values are winning the day.

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