South Dakota Democrats drawing down cash to less than 20k, pay $7,200 FEC Fine.

Apparently the salad days are upon the South Dakota Democrat Party with their new executive director, Berk Ermergerd, or whatever his name is. Because they seem to be spending money like they have it in their latest report filed with the Federal Elections Commission yesterday:

SDDP September FEC Monthly Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

Starting with $43,321.12 cash on hand, Democrats added a reasonable $24,722.65 to the total for $68,043.77.  And then they spent $48,061.98, leaving them less than they raised with $19,981.79.   In comparison, the State Republican Party is sitting on $82,683.13 in their federal account, and unlike Democrats, they usually keep a healthy amount in their state account while Dems traditionally don’t.

Dems are trending into dangerous territory, as of the $24-25K they brought in, only $6,781.48 was money they actually raised, and $17,941.17 was their monthly welfare check. $15k came in from the Democrats Grassroots Victory Fund, and $2,941 from the DNC.

This month state Dems did write the big and bad check to the Federal Elections Commission for their $7,200 fine levied for campaign finance violations.

That might attribute for some of their extremely high cash burn rate this month, but when you take in $24.7k, and spend $41k plus a $7200 fine, even without the fine, the spending is still not sustainable without a significant turnaround in income.

Stay tuned for more.

3 thoughts on “South Dakota Democrats drawing down cash to less than 20k, pay $7,200 FEC Fine.”

  1. Maybe they should follow their propaganda minister’s current lead and put out a “tip jar” to beg for money….the equivalent of internet panhandling.

    Ha Ha!

  2. Well, who wants to put their money behind a nag that has never won a race and finishes last all the time?

    I wish the SDDP all the success they have had in the past few years.

  3. No money for their future Marxist Bernie Bro candidate for Governor Lar from New Mexico is pushing that will be easily defeated.

    Meanwhile that out of state blog has really gone far far in wacko land with the once banished crazies being let back to comment again.

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